Risotto style sekihan (red rice)

A creamier version of the Japanese classic, ideal for chilly weather.

o-seki-han, Japanese red sticky rice.

I had that velvety broth from boiling azuki red beans.
So I have added it to the rice cooker with brown rice. Roughly, I’ve doubled the amount of liquid and cooked on Chinese okayu (congee) rice porridge mode. I’ve added a few beans too of course.

This amount of sauce was left when I opened.

Oishiso ! I want to eat it like that.

Flavoring are natural sea salt and freshly roasted sesame seeds.

Sériole bardée. Bacon buri.

Buri( Greater amberjack, Sériole) is quite a lean fish in this season. It’s great raw, but when you cook a slice, it’s dry… So I tried to wrap it in a barde (band) of bacon before searing it :

Perfect balance !

That’s crazy how a nice gown changes everything !

With a little homemade mustard.

Sekihan (azuki bean rice) and salad as sides.

Nom nom nom…

Sekihan pan – Red rice bread

My reader Nippon-nin thought the black rice bread (bread with added rice) looked like o-seki-han, Japanese red sticky rice.

Today this is the real Canada Dr… well, the real sekihan-pan.

The other had not the flavor of the festive rice. This one has it 100%…

It’s really made of red azuki beans and of rice. I used “rice bread flour”, a mix of milled rice with gluten so I could make a classic yeast bread dough. The product is a bit expensive and I don’t think I’ll buy it again. I think regular rice flour and baking powder could make a good version too. Both dough could be steamed in a rice-cooker instead of baked in the oven. There are many possibilities.

I made the dough with the cooking broth of the azuki beans, then added boiled beans to it.

On top of that pink rice you often add gomashio. Normally, it’s crushed sesame with salt. I’ve let them whole.

Many shapes.

Back side.

Inside. You can see the beans in a quite moist pink bread.

Enjoy with green tea. Hot or cold, it really tastes like seki-han. That could be a great bread for a hanami picnic under the cherry blossoms if…
If I still have some left when the storm stops and the flowers open.
If the storm lets a few branches on the trees.
It’s apocalyptic today. Ffffffffffffff… the wind. Good point : the wind has cleared the air from pollen so we can breath better.

Les nympheas, impression lunch (via Gourmande in Osaka)

Last year…

Les nympheas, impression lunch It's hot and humidly humid… I want to see the water-lilies. I'll eat some another day, it's just the impression. The hot humidity is like a long hike on a mountain of bamboo trees. There is one nearby. Well, it's a a stroll. But it's great, after hours of walk to arrive at Kansai's *Giverny* and refresh with a view of Nympheas. Cooled chicken stock (from banbanji), soy sauce, mitsuba, yaki fu, cooled shiitake mushrooms, ice cubes. Seki-han (azu … Read More

via Gourmande in Osaka

Oyi neang guk, seki-han and daurade flambee au pastis.

This meal is a psychedelic mix… well, I ate it in 2 steps, the Provence style fish with rose wine. And after a break, the 2 Asian dishes, Japanese seki-han (red rice) and a Korean cold cucumber soup.

This is oyi neang guk (오이냉국). The recipe is here, from the blog of Kourmet. My julienne of cukes could have been finer… and my fingers shorter ? Well, they were very mature and on the soft side.
That was excellent and super super hot… because the recipe said half a red chili pepper and green chili pepper, probably one half in total. Then, I was with 2 halves of peppers sold as “hot hot-chili” for some reason (they are at the hottest of the year now ! ), and I thought “I would do nothing with the rest of peppers, so let’s put them all.”. Waaaah !!! But you feel refreshed a few minutes after.

The red rice (mochi-gome sticky rice, genmai brown rice and azuki beans) was sweet…

Served with goma-shio.

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Les nympheas, impression lunch

torimune chirashi zushi – bird sushi

sekihan, red rice

So now, this beauty. It’s a red tai (Japanese snapper, daurade), emptied, scaled off, in olive oil, sea salt, herbes de Provence… Dry garlic chips on the sides.
First a siesta of 15 minutes.
Then 10 minutes under the grill (broiler).
10 minutes siesta.
5 minutes under the grill… and ffff :

It’s flambled (blazed) with pastis, French anis liquor : pour 0.5 mm of your liquor in a small metallic cup or a metallic ladle. Heat the bottom with a lighter till you can smell the alcohol. You can quietly pour 1/2 over your fish, set fire in the cup, pour the rest in one move… oops a bit late for the photo.

With celery stalks and leaves and cherry tomatoes. The veggies could have been baked too, but in this season, I prefer them raw.

Cal 579 F13.4g C61.0g P61.8g