Kurogoma purin. Silver flan. (made from seeds)


Don’t let the metallic aspect deter you, it’s very cream, sweet and the taste is naturally nutty.
黒ゴマプリン, kurogoma purin, literally “black sesame pudding” is now a classic Japanese sweet with countless version.Here is mine.


That’s the occasion to talk about “goma cream“. This kind of spread is so addictive that I avoid buying it.


The basic ingredient is black sesame, kuro goma. They usually sell it roasted.


This my quick home-made neri goma (paste).I put some in my electric mill, and paste it. The mill heats a lot, so I do it in 5 or 6 time, letting it cool in between, while I do something else.
It is not as smooth as the “pro version”. I can tell you how theirs is done : just after the sesame is toasted, it is pounded in a mortar, then passed through a thieve. You can do that. Just not every morning in 5 minutes…


Making goma cream :
Then with the neri goma the paste, I make the silky spread. I add 1/2 ts of neutral oil and 1 ts of syrup or honey, and I mill a little more.

Both the paste and the cream can be stored a while in a jar, pour a small layer of oil on top, keep at room temperature.


Recipe for 2 servings :

A.Take 1/2 cup of sesame seeds. Paste them. With half of the paste, make goma cream.
B.In a bowl, whisk the rest of paste, with 1/2 cup of water, 1 ts of potato starch, 1 ts of sugar.
C.In a pan, mix 1/2 cup of water and 1/3 ts of agar, bring to a boil. Add the B mixture while whisking, and 2 tbs of coconut cream (from a can), reheat on low heat, stir till it starts taking texture.
D. Pour in molds. Let cool at least 1 hour.


Serve chilled, with a generous goma cream on top.

Wagashi Saga : Japanese sweet posts and tutorials.



Truffes a la pomme nouvelle

Apple flavored truffes.

Recipe :
3 ts of goma cream (black sesame seed “butter”)
a few drops of Calvados apple liquor
2 tbs of good unsweetened cocoa.
Mix. Roll 3 bowls, and cover them in a third tbs of cocoa.

You have your truffes in 20 seconds, no refrigeration needed, no sugar.
The “goma cream” is easy to make : pound black sesame until oil starts getting out. If you want it smooth, pass it through a sieve. That takes a few minutes (maybe 5 min for that small amount). I have some from a jar.

Nashi Belle-Helene (with truffles)

Perfect mignardise to go with coffee.

The new apples are great too.

(1/2 apple and 3 truffes)
Cal 215.5 F9g C24.8g P5.1g