Royal court tokpokki



Gungjung tteokbokki (궁중 떡볶이) were the tokpokki prepared for the Korean royal courts. They were served long before hot chili reached Korean peninsula, so they are much less spicy than the street stall version.

This is a simple interpretation of the dish using soy sauce and sesame oil as main flavoring and what I had in my pantry.


Nira (garlic chives), carrot, onion and soaked dried shiitake mushrooms.


The tokk (rice cakes) need 8 to 10 minutes boiling, then refreshing under fresh water. Then stir-frying and wetting the sauce with the mushroom soaking water. I only added black pepper.


Decorated with a little yuzu peel.
The balance of flavors is perfect. I think the mushrooms bring a lot, so don’t skip them or replace them with something strong in flavor. Beef is a possibility.


The same yuzu was used to flavor a few blanched green beans. I also added a little fragrant sesame oil and toasted sesame seeds.


Kimchi from this pot (read here) :



Salad. So a dish and 3 sides, I have a lunch !



Tonight, let’s bibimbap



Bring me gochujang sauce ! I want a bibimbap, the delicious Korean rice dish.


Prepare all that. I cooked ground beef meat with a little garlic and a hint of soy sauce. Local supermarkets all sell platters of namul veggies, but you can prepare yours. For the detail, click here.


I don’t have a special stone dish. So I have baked the terracotta dish, passed sesame oil in the bottom, added hot cooked rice, sesame seeds, baked again.
Then you can see a cup of broth with seaweeds. A spoon and chopsticks.


Place everything on the top. That’s served.
Then with the spoon add a little broth on the gochujang and start mixing…


Tofu chigae with goya

When the Korean hot soup meets Summer go~ya…
The bitter squash makes this Winter dish totally perfect for a hot day (yes, still f… hot here, it’s mid-summer now).

You can’t make simpler : I’ve reheated all this in dashi (fish stock). Also the egg white.

Added silky tofu.

Hot with a drizzle of fragrant sesame oil.

Served with hatsuga genmai (sprouted rice) sprinkled by black sesame powder.

The egg yolk, to be added on the table.


Refreshing food : Spring bouquet with Chinese sauce

Green raw Spring rolls du jour. I made many to munch one by one during the hot afternoon.

Just natto and veggies.

Chinese black vinegar was used for the sauce.

It also contains ginger pickles, new onion, sesame oil, sesame seeds and chili pepper seeds.

Watery veggies and a sour sauce… that makes you forget the heavy weather.

Buon Appetito Meatless Monday

3 minutes to garnish my “buon appetito” table mat. Meatless meals are not a rarity on this blog and not restricted to Mondays. Just click on vegan/vegetarian and you’ll get thousands and this post is not one of the best. So that’s just a thematic.

Just reheated azuki beans, edamame, broccoli, garlic, tomato paste.

That’s all. Sides are hemp bread and cukes.

Crêperie gourmande

La Chandeleur, crepe day is February second, in France and some other countries in Europe. That’s a very old celebration that correspond to the Day of the Marmot in America and the Setsubun in Japan. The start of “Spring”, well, maybe Spring. At least, Sun is coming back in the skies after the darkest months. So crepes look like small suns..

The French tradition is each member of the family cooks his/her crepe in flat pan. And you have to hold some money in one hand and flip the crepe with the second hand. If you succeed, you will be rich during one year. If not…you get a crepe on the floor, on the head, or whatever, and you’ll have had a good time laughing about your clumsiness.

crêpes de froment

Easy recipe :
1 average size egg
3 tbs of flour
1 glass of milk (1/2 US cup)
1 tbs oil or melted butter

A-whip well B-wait 2 hours C-cook the crepes

a few savory variations

Ficelles picardes (gratin crepes with ham and mushroom filling)


Galettes ou crêpes au sarrasin or crêpes de ble noir

Galette day

100% buckwheat crepes

egged buckwheat crepes (quick version)


Cheezy beanie (vegan)

herbs and beans


crêpes boisettes

crêpes Suzette

pale sun thick crepe

crêpes soufflees with coconut and kumquat

Trois petites crêpes salées

Let’s crepe-lunch… 3 variations of savory crepes.
First : Mushroom, romescu sauce and olive oil.


Natto, kimchi, shiso leaves and sesame seeds… between 2 crepes folded into a booklet. In sesame oil, of course.

Hot’n yummy.

Cheese mix, parmesan, garlic chips, sesame seeds and fresh coriander. Pan-fried in sesame oil too.
That’s a really interesting taste. I loved it, but I guess that wouldn’t be for everybody.