Spicy kinako bread with creamed edamame


Triple power snack : edamame (green soy beans), kinako and sesame.
That’s an interesting very bread-like quick bread, and it happens to be gluten-free.

Kinako is made by roasting dry soy beans, then making them into a flour. It’s a common ingredient of Japanese sweets.


Mix : 1/2 cup kinako, 1/2 cup oatmeal, 2 tbs yellow and black sesame (half ground, half whole), 1/2 cup onion (half ground, half thinly cut), 1 dry chili pepper (without seeds, thinly cut), black pepper, salt, 1/4 ts of baking powder. Wet with water
Spread and level between 2 sheets of baking paper. Sprinkle sesame seeds on top.
Bake 15 minutes at 120 degrees Celsius, then cut and bake 15 more minutes at 180 degrees.

Warning : the chili pepper’s hotness will develop, so skip it if you are sensitive to it.


The result is a soft and compact dark bread. Let it cool overnight so flavors can develop fully.


For the cream, pass in the blender freshly boiled edamame, a little cold water, lemon juice, a small piece of fresh onion, salt. Let cool in the fridge at least 2 hours.




Espresso ! Quickie dessert.


Two minutes for a yummy dessert and your caffeine fix !


Use soft tofu…or whip a lot. And my hand-mixer is dead, so my wrist is sore now. There is a Murphy’s law that says that whatever the recipe you want to make, you never had the ideal type of tofu in stock.
Decorate with raisins, toasted sesame seeds and 2 chips of 100% cocoa.


3 ingredients for natural cookies, and a blueberry tartelette

Here are very healthy snacks. No added sugar, vegan, soy and gluten free. That’s so perfect that could have been awful to taste. Hey no, they were delicious.

You need for the cookies :
-a banana
-rolled oats
-raw sesame seeds
Plus fresh blueberries for the tartelette.

-In a mill, paste 1/2 cup of raw sesame seeds into tahini. Reserve a tbs of it.
-Take a small banana, mash it. Mix in the tahini, then some the oats, not too many.

Small rounds for cookies. I sprinkled sesame seeds on them. The large one is for the tartelette.

After baking in the oven-toaster.
They are soft moist cookies with a nutty flavor.
On the large one, I’ve spread the reserved tahini and glued the blueberries with it.

Extra-Big Chervil Congee (via Gourmande in Osaka)

Sad day. Food festival at the culinary school was canceled. We have no problems here, but many participants originate from the Tohoku region that was struck and worry for hometowns and families.

Last year :

Extra-Big Chervil Congee Brown rice longly cooked with kombu seaweed, dried bamboo shoots, chili pepper, garnished with shiitake mushrooms, Taiwanese preserved duck egg, sesame seeds, dark sesame oil, roast garlic slices, chervil. The rice gave 8 times its volume of porridge, but I ate it all. The kombu became very soft and melty in the mouth. Cal 522.5 F16.8g C91.2g P21.8g FR : Riz brun longuement cuit avec de l'algue kombu, des pousses de bambou sechees et du piment. I … Read More

via Gourmande in Osaka