2-way beef and 2 way noodles – matcha soba and rei-shabu

Green soba (buckwheat noodles colored with matcha green tea) can be eaten cold or hot. Let’s have both.

Cold with the salad :

Hot with the soup :

Finely slice beef can be passed a few seconds in hot broth, this is “shabu shabu”. Rei-shabu, “cold shabu” is when you refresh the freshly cooked meat in iced water, and serve it with a raw vegetables and salad dressing.

Rei-shabu : beef, bell peppers, tomatoes, Italian parsley, olive oil, garlic, balsamico dressing.

Soup : the soba cooking water served as broth for the beef. Then I added a little miso, Koya-dofu (freeze dry tofu), green leeks, shiitake mushroom.

(double serving of soba noodles)
Cal 678.8 F17.1g C96.4g P40.1g