Let’s swim : pétoncles à la nage amandine

This misty-rious dish is called Nage de pétoncles amandine.

I caugh a bargain of queen scallops, today.

Swimming in their indoor pool…
For dishes “la nage”, which means “swimming” is a soup. But who is Amandine ?

Shallots, red bell pepper and shimeji mushroom for the aromatic base. A little white wine. The shells. A broth of saffron.

Et voilà !

So who is Amandine ? Well, an adjective meaning “with almond”.
The secret almond touch is this fragrant oil. Just a few drops like pearls on my nage :

Mmmmm…. The broth is not light and sweet, the touch of sweet almond matches the shellfish’s sweetness. Perfect harmony !

Sides are steamed mizuna green and rice (red and white) with goji berries and broken almond topping. I placed the mizuna leaves on top of the shellfish to steam it. Convenient !

Rehearsal of a light réveillon

No Thanksgiving here, but from now, and for one month, every night is a party in Japan. Bonenkai : funerals of the old year. Then every night will be a party. Shinnenkai : birth party of the new year.
This is an advanced French Christmas dinner, quite light. Lots of seafood.

Blinis (like here), to go with smoked salmon.

Hors d’oeuvre and greens.

Choucroute au Champagne et fruits de mer.

Yes, you’ve already seen a fishy Sauerkraut on this blog (click here to get there) :

Lighter beurre blanc.

You’ll read about the cookies and the buche (log cake) in other posts.

Une mer de choucroute. Surfing on the Sauerkraut wave.

Not grand-ma’s choucroute. That light and modern seafood Sauerkraut, you could eat some everyday.

Sauerkraut longly braised in sweet white wine.

Hamaguri shellfish. It’s season food for Hina Matsuri day.

Shrimps. Asparagus. You didn’t there were always asparagus in the choucroute ? The thing is you see some at the market and you know it will be eaten by an aspara-fan. So… And they go well.

Butter shallot sauce for the seafood.

Hokkaido silver salmon.

Ficelle picarde et perles du Japon…

This gratin is a specialty from the Picardie region, in the North of France.

Good crepes, quite soft.

Filled with ham, and duxelle. The duxelle is a sauce made by simmering longly in butter mushrooms and shallot.

Gratineed with cheese and cream… I didn’t had much on top, just enough for the taste. That way I could eat 3.

Bonus : a first dish to warm you up…

Hot bubble tea. Well, it’s a soupe aux perles du Japon (Japanese pearl soup). Something Mum would often serve for dinner when we were kids.

Japanese pearls ? Actually, tapioca or manioc is an exotic product in Japan.

So start with a home-made (or not) chicken broth, left-overs of chicken meat from the bones, reheat with sauteed onions, thyme and hand-full of tapioca pearls to thicken it. Simmer till the “pearls” are transparent. Serve very hot !