South Pole dream (frozen compilation)

Ice !

Sorbet de cacao grand frisson

iced marquise

coconut paradise isle-cream

  Glace reine des fraises (strawberry)

Iced strawberry-banana

The simplest mango ice-cream

Sorbet de mangue petillant

glace Plombieres, a retro flavor

kabocha coco gelato

Mango sherbet and litchees

Nagano apricot ice-cream

avocado softcream (savory)

Mango sherbet and litchees

When I said it was hot, that was true. Now, it’s hotter. Not even hottest…
Some refreshment was necessary.

Mango sherbet.

Pearly litchees.

Another (soft serve) mango sherbet made with the ice-cream maker. I don’t use it today because it’s too hot.

Sorbet de cacao grand frisson

Refreshing cocoa sorbet

Recette :

Dilute 3 tbs of corn starch in a little water.
Dilute 3 tbs of pure non-sweeted cocoa powder in a little water. Add Ceylon cinnamon and chili flakes to taste.
In a pan, boil 1 cup of water and 1 tbs of kurozato (brown sugar) till it’s syrupy.
Add the starch to the syrup. When it thickens, cook 1 minute. Add the cocoa.
Add water to obtain a creamy sauce. (If you want more sweetness at that point, add honey.) Let cool. Chill in the fridge.
When it’s very cold pass in the ice-cream maker.
(it was so hot, and I didn’t wait till it was cool enough : my sorbet was a little flaky)

In fun molds… It’s so hot, it melts in a few minutes :

With cherry tomatoes, stevia and mint leaves.

Sorbet de mangue petillant et fleur de tofu -Entremets chinois rafraichis (Chinese desserts in a French spoon)

Twinkly mango sherbet and “tofu flower”.

It’s half cheating as I buy the tofu dessert. 豆腐花 doufuhua, 豆花, dohua ? For some reason, in Japan that’s called “soy milk flower”, 豆乳花, and it’s said “torufa” from some Chinese dialect… heard by Japanese ears. It’s a funny name “torufa”, so I’ll say “tauloupha” in French.
The awful truth is I don’t know how to make it. (I’ll learn someday) So I buy bags of torufa, refresh and serve it.

The black syrup is black sugar syrup (kuro mitsu), I could make it… but as it comes with the torufa.
I did add the kuko (goji berries) with my fair hands. I hadn’t eaten my daily dose and I was starting to fill I had a wrinkle. It’s repaired. Goji berries prevent aging, it’s written on the package, that must be true.
No, it’s not becoming a convenience store catalog blog, not yet. I did something… not complicated, but so refreshing :

I used a slave… the ice-cream churning machine. You can do it with a good fresh mango, but I had none and you know I went to the kombini for the torufa, and I took a bag of frozen mangoes. I let it *defrost* in the fridge.
Then, cut in cubes of 1/2 cm a small organic lemon. Grate some of the peel. With scissors, cut very fine circles from a dried chili pepper. Roughly crash the bits of mango.
Stir into the bowl : the mango, its juice, the bits of lemon, the zest, the chili and 2 tbs of Chinese apricot liquor…
The acidity of the lemon, and the hotness of the chili have the magical effect of reviving the sweetness and flavors of a mango that tasted very blend. The mango was not completely pasted, so small bits of fruits can be find inside the sherbet. I like it.

Serve immediately with a little kuromitsu, black sugar syrup.
Or : take photos and eat it all melted. Well, I really took paparazzi shoots.
I don’t think it’s a good idea to prepare fruit sherbets in advance and keep them in the freezer. They taste much better just after being churned. Also, if you let bits of fruit, when you fruit, they become hard like ice-cubes.

Cal 262.5 F4.6g C48.8g P6g

Another mango sherbet, without ice-cream maker.

Opening of Gourmande ice-cream bar : coconut paradise isle-cream

The white one is coconut isle-cream, the yellow is a saffron banana sherbet. Leftovers of dragon fruit and strawberries as decoration.

The sweets are congolais.

Coconut isle-cream :

That’s a coconut flavored (with dry coconut) creme anglaise, with honey and Kirsch cherry liquor.
The only complicated thing is to find the ice-cream maker. Yeah, I’m messy, it was in the bottom of the closet for Winter, but which closet ? Murphy’s law : it’s always in the last one you check. So now I will have to reorganize it all. I found my old kakigori maker too, so if it works, you’ll see it soon…

Banana, just frozen and mixed, flavored with saffron, churned or not in the ice-cream maker, frozen again (if I had done it in advance).

What was left ? Coconut flesh rehydrated in milk and egg white. You combine them, add a little sugar.

Bake till it’s golden and a serious smell of caramel asphixiates you. That gives you, what we call “congolais” (Congolese) in France.

Coconut ice cream :
(1/2 liters = 4 servings)
1 serving : Cal 154.1 F8.4 C14.3 P4.7

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