A lighning of green tea : matcha éclairs


Des éclairs au thé matcha. A flash of light in the middle of rainy season. Un éclair is a lightning during a storm. And this dessert…


Green tea version.


Same crust as the petits choux (recipe here), but longer.


The filling is very Japanese at the base with matcha (green tea for ceremony) and shiro an (paste made of white beans and sugar), with gives a matcha an (green tea cream).


About this paste.


… I creamed it with coconut cream, and added a little brandy for flavor. They look rustic as it’s a week-day snack so I didn’t smoothen my cream with the sieve and I didn’t pipe the dough. Do that for guests !


On top, sugar and matcha green tea.


Copycat of moonstone daifuku, cheese-cake wagashi

They are black sesame daifuku mochi, with lemony cream-cheese filling. It’s creamilicious, and that makes a slightly sweet treat, very refreshing.
I made them, but I copied a bought version.
It’s always a fun challenge to try to reproduce food you ate somewhere.

ORIGINAL from the shop :

I bought “kurogoma cream cheese daifuku mochi” from my nearby wagashi maker.

Some sort of biscuit (monaka wafer I think), with shiro-an white bean paste, mixed with cream cheese, flavored with lemon. Around it’s mochi with black sesame.


It’s Barbarella ! I have a field of moonstones :

No technical difficulty. I mixed sweet white bean paste with same amount of cream cheese, flavored with zest and juice of sudachi lemon.
Differences : I didn’t have the wafer, mine is less sweet, and I used more cheese.
Basic Recipes (click on text) :
Wagashi Saga : Japanese sweets

Yes, they were delicious !

Enjoy with ryokucha, simple green tea.

Kimi-an dango, Japanese sweets like pearls of gold

On a skewer a boiled quail eggs and 2 boiled egg yolks… There is also this sweet version.

Anko, azuki bean sweet paste is very known. This is a variation. It’s kimi-an (yolk paste). It can be used in many type of wagashi.

Wagashi Saga : Photo-menu of all Japanese sweet posts.


1/2 cup (drained) of boiled white beans (not salted)
1 egg yolk, beaten
sugar or sweetener, as you like
1 tbs brandy
vanilla essence

-Paste the beans in a mortar (or a bowl with a fork) till you get a very smooth cream. If you want it to be perfect, pass it through a sieve, that’s the only way to be sure all the small skins are pasted.
-Mix in the yolk and the sugar.
-Pass 20 seconds in microwave (500 watts), mix well. Repeat 1 or 2 times till eggs are cooked and texture is quite dry.
-Add the flavorings. Let it cool.

Then simply form balls with dry hands. Join them with a skewer at the good size… or too long as here.

The white ones are mochi dangos (click on text) :