Willow leaf fish


Komochi shishamo. Shishamo smelts with their kids. The body is full of roes.


柳葉魚shishamo means literally “willow leaf fish”. That’s when they hang them for drying after salting that the image takes its sense. An Ainu legend says a man was complaining near the river that his daughter was suffering from hunger, and the water’s Gods heard him. They grabbed the branch of a willow, so a few leaves fell into the water and transformed themselves in fish.


I simply grilled them.


Konnyaku sashimi, with sweet chili sauce and sesame. Goya around.


Myoga. Other sides are mesclun salad and grated daikon radish.



Cassoulet de la mer. Fish and beans.

Diet today ! This is the “fasting day” cassoulet. Oh, I can explain :
Cassoulet du vendredi

The dose of tomato was generous.

After a long while, these white beans get soft…

3 types of fish. Raw cod fish. Slightly salted salmon…

… and shishamo (Hokkaido eperlan) that are also salted and with eggs inside.

The fish and beans layered in the big cassoule (cassoulet pot)

Hot from the oven…

Formule pescatarian

It’s getting hotter. For lunch, it’s pleasant to have a light menu of fish and raw veggie.

Raw yamaimo potato, with spice mix.

Precision : I am not very sure if I have a yamaimo (=yamano imo, Japanese glutinous yam) or a nagaimo (Chinese yam). They are very similar in appearance but wiki in Japanese says they are 2 species. We get of both here, and we get several shapes of both and both are eaten raw most often. So I can tell only if it’s written on the label…

About raw yamaimo (click here)

Grilled shishamo fish and Brussel sprouts.

More about this fish (click here).


More greens, celery and lemon.

Citrus and sea

Fish with fruit ? Yes, really.

Grilled komochi shishamo go welll with fruit yuzu and kinome.

The salad id basic too.
Tomato, wakame, brown rice, olive oil and vinegar.

A quick delicious light meal. Many flavors and textures.