Mexiiiiiico…ooosaka !


Today’s lunch is Mexican style and plant based. I tried to make it not spicy for a guest not fan of hot chilis but, but…


Home-made whole wheat tortillas


Azuki beans, simmered with red wine, paprika, onion, garlic, a few shishito peppers, lots of cumin, thyme, a little cinnamon, nutmeg, black pepper, olive oil.


Mitsuba leaves, grilled shishito and avocado.
The idea is to fill the tortillas with beans and these greens.

Problem : Shishito peppers are usually not spicier than bell peppers. But it’s the end of Summer, and these are relatively hot… That’s great for me, not for those that have a sensitivity to hot peppers.


Side dish : okonomiyaki cabbage. Well it’s simply stir-fried with garlic and ginger, then flavored with sauce (Bulldog) for okonomiyaki.

As a dessert, double chocolate muffins :


Mehari sushi, thyme veggies…


My beloved mehari-zushi (pickled leaf sushi) are back…


With them, some thyme flavored veggies. I baked 2 small eggplants, then cut them. Added shishito green peppers. New onion. Olive oil. Salt. And fresh thyme. All that reheated together. Mmmm…


Today’s salad : Red cabbage, natto, spices and lemon juice.


Take a leaf of pickled takana (Japanese mustard leaves). Fill it with freshly cooked rice. That’s it.
I have hatsuga mai (polished germinated rice).
DSC01374-001takana-zuke pickles DIY


Nice green balls. I didn’t fill them with anything. I like simple food.



Tofu, natto and green caviar…



A very nutritious and delicious Okinawan style dish. It’s plant based, and easy to prepare… if you have the ingredients.
Well, go and fish that green caviar sea weed :

DSC00119-003 umi-budo (more here)


It’s very firm momendoufu (cotton tofu). I have pressed it with plate, slightly to extract excess water. The natto (fermented soy beans) is mixed with mustard and black rice vinegar. Around, you see bits of negi whites and shishito green pepper.


Shioyaki aji, simple grilled fish

Shioyaki, salt-grilled. It’s the basic Japanese grilled fish. I’ve got a good refill of the precious omegas.

Aji, chinchard, Japanese horse mackerel. It’s very close to sardine. They are getting very fat, thus delicious in this season.
Clean, empty, slash, sprinkle coarse sea salt. Let 5 to 10 minutes. Grill.

Served with yuzu citrus.

A creamy spicy polenta, and tomato sauce.

Shishito peppers grilled with the fish.

Mizuna leaves.

A yummy dinner !

Herbed roasted season veggies with oyaimo (taro)

That’s true that it’s delicious, a good platter of oven roast vegetables, caramelised and crunchy.

A big satoimo (taro), it’s the parent type oyaimo. They taste better than the small ones.

The potato needs to be pre-boiled otherwise it dries too much. Meanwhile, I roasted the onions. I’ve added the potato and at the end some shishito pepper. Each vegetable was coated in olive oil, salt, pepper and rosemary.


These imo is very starchy.

Plated with parsley.

Chicken flower cups, 3 styles

The idea was to make some kind of baked shaomai dumplings. A good idea. That’s very simple and delicious.

I’ve used the square wonton dumpling skins. They are all half-filled with lean ground chicken. There are 3 sorts :

Red onion, tomato sauce.

Topping is red shiso leaves.

Shishito pepper, tomato sauce.

And parsley.

Onion, nutmeg, parsley stalks, raisins. The sauce is miso mixed with tahini.

The 3 are great. I prefer…er, I need to compare 3 more… well, I need more…
That’s hard to decide, but I like simplicity so the onion ones will win.

Warabi sauce baked shiitake and muffins

Small bites. Baked shiitake mushrooms, and muffins with bits of shiitake and green pepper.
Autumn is getting near, so mushrooms become tempting. Actually that doesn’t matter as shiitake are produced year round, but I remember we had many mushrooms in woods in that season when I was a kid.

For the batter, I tried something and yeah, good. I cooked some warabi mochi (bracken starch) mixed with water. In 2 minutes, I got a sort of paste. When it cooled a little, I’ve mixed in one egg, some strong taste grated cheese, baking powder and a little potato starch. I filled the shrooms… With the rest of batter, the feet of the shiitake and some shishito peppers, I made muffins.

A green yuzu. I’ve flavored the cabbage salad with its zest and juice.