Cheese and flowers : Sakura from Hokkaido

Sakura, a cherry blossom cheese. It’s a delight.
A special offer at the local shop. It’s as costly as imported cheese, as it has no relation with the mass produced standard “Japanese cheese”.

The packaging is nice too. It’s a cow milk cheese, with the addition of a salt pickled cherry blossom and leaf.

It got a prize in Switzerland as you can see.
It is made in this farm in Hokkaido. They have cows from Switzerland. I see that they even make raclette. It’s tempting. Maybe you’ll see some here…

It’s a strong cheese, and yes, it clearly tastes of cherry blossom.

I bought the bread too. It’s a black rice bread. It’s a bit different from mine.

So now, we can have a nice tray of Japanese cheese and bread.

Kuri 1, the Japanese chestnut (via gourmande in Osaka)

L.Y. Grilled Japanese chestnut + 5 recipes…

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The kuri, Japanese chestnut is not like the chestnut I knew in France.

The flesh is more yellow…

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White forrest of mushrooms (via Gourmande in Osaka)


White forrest of mushrooms They are not aliens, but mushrooms… with funny names. Yamabushi-take. Mountain monk mushrooms. The Yamabushi mountain monks are old men, they have long hair and beard… well in the legend. Under the kimono. This is a hanabi-take. A firework mushroom. These are called bunapee. The full name is "white buna-shimeji", so they shortened it. Addition : They all grow in a farm. They are totally white. Recently new colors have been created for nearly … Read More

via Gourmande in Osaka

Negi-yaki… Home-style green okonomiyaki (via Gourmande in Osaka)

Osaka style :

Negi-yaki... Home-style green okonomiyaki Negi-yaki is a variation of okonomiyaki, where cabbage is replaced by negi green leeks. On the photo (follow like a clock ), you can see : The leek greens being cut with scissors. Fish powder Aonori seaweed powder, Natto, Shirasu fish bait, Maitake mushroom, Ami ebi (salty shrimps), Grated potato. So today's mission is to cook negi-yaki (leek-yaki). In Osaka, classical topping is "gyusuji" which is… some stew of some parts of beef. It's "my ver … Read More

via Gourmande in Osaka