Sesame black sugar mousse is luscious


Mmmm. Sorry it’s over, there is none left ! Make yours it’s quick and you need only 3 ingredients.


That’s extremely simple. In a mill, process the sesame into paste, or use paste you already have (tahini, nerigoma).


Mix it to silky tofu (about 2 tbs of paste per cup) and a little kurozato black cane sugar. Whip well. Add a few drops of vanilla essence and a little brandy for flavoring (optional).


Transfer into cups.


Mix some more sugar and water, stir till it gets a black syrup texture.
Pour half of the syrup on top, and refrigerate at least one hour.


The syrup went down around the cream, so pour the rest just before serving.


Brun-chi’, ikea guacamole and pumpkin chi’cake (via GiO)


I didn’t get my guacamole in the over-rated box supermarket… the concept is the same : all the bits are in, but not assembled. Avocado,…

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Nashi and creamy, Asian pear

Nashi, the Japanese pear, which also Korean and Chinese. Is it even a pear ? The taste is light. It’s barely sweet. I recently talked with a baker that was telling how useless such Japanese fruits were… useless for his art. I agree, a nashi pie would be meh. I tried before.
So what ? In French, we say “des poires pour la soif” (pears for thirst), I don’t know why it is said. But nashi is perfect for thirst. Let’s eat them raw.

It’s so juicy and perfectly refreshing.

The cream is sesame-tofu cream. I whipped together silky tofu, natural sweetener, and nerigoma (tahini, pasted sesame). Topped by a little kuromitsu (black sugar syrup) and sesame seeds.

The pefect dip !

Jajamen (Morioka style udon noodles, a vegetal variation)

A vegetal version on jajamen, a dish from Morioka, a city in the prefecture in the North of Japan. Chinese migrants brought there the recipe of zha jiang mian and the Japanese variation took a new name. The most obvious difference is in the type of noodles, but Chinese noodles are also served in Japan.

The principle : you stir-fry ground pork, you add a special fermented bean spicy sauce. You serve it on noodles, with raw or cooked veggies, etc… From that, 1000 variations.

Well, you need a sauce. My home-made karashi miso for jajamen.
Making that sauce (it will be in next post)

I stir-fried minced fresh garlic and ginger. Added azuki beans (already cooked), a 1tbs of sauce, 1/2 cup of water, 1/4 cup of Chinese black rice vinegar, freshly ground Sichuan pepper. Simmered briefly. Poured on the hot noodles.

Leek (green part was blanched, white is raw), raw daikon radish.

Shichimi togarashi, 7 spice mix. And a drizzle of fragrant sesame oil.

Sweetness to balance the heat. A creamy and tasty kinodofu (silky tofu).

The meal :
Cal436 F10.4g C68.3g P21.3g