Chickpeas three ways for a casual Summer lunch



Transforming a bowl of freshly boiled chick peas into 3 dishes.


Falafels. It’s better to make them from raw chick peas, but I’ve mashed boiled ones with a little potato starch for binding, added randomly spices, mint, lemon balm, and the brown thing is the ground of sobacha.




Chickpeas in a tomato tabouleh with… what was in the fridge, sweet corn, ninniku no me (garlic stalks), bell pepper, green soy beans, mint too. And harissa.


Served with salad spinach.


Chick peas with lemon juice and lots of tahini (sesame paste) to make a creamy hummus. It’s a sauce for the falafels.


Sour fragrances for a daizu bean soup

This soup looks very ordinary, but under the flat appearance it’s a bunch of raw spices and nutty touches. It’s nutritive and surely detoxing as the ingredients are all very healthy.

Soybeans, called daizu in Japanese. They are dry. They are the ingredient to make tofu, natto and other soy products. This time I soaked them longly and boiled to eat them as a vegetable. They are a source plant based proteins.

Cooked. The skin go away on this photo because I froze them and thawed a bit quickly.

Sobacha (buckwheat tea) is made of broken and roast buckwheat kernels. It’s a delicious caffeine-free drink.

I keep the grounds after infusion. As you can see they take lots of volume and become soft. Of course, and I eat them. It’s a pleasant nutty grain, a bit too strong on its own. So let mix that in.

Diced ginger. It’s excellent for digestion.

Frozen sancho peppercorns(Sichuan pepper). It has a sour and fragrant power not unlike ginger. Both go well together. I’ve mixed all the ingredient listed, added water and reheated, then I’ve diluted a tbs of miso and blended in a 3 tbs of ground freshly roast sesame.

Warmth from the plate, mmmm…

Kabocha cardaman. Ready in 5 minutes.

I’ve called these small buns cardaman as they have a fragrance of cardamom. And they are made on the model of butaman (Japanese for meat-filled Chinese steamed bun).
I’ve used buckwheat to give a season taste. And inside, kabocha pumpkin. What is wonderful is they are IN 5 MINUTES.
And they are delicious.

Recipe of kabocha cardaman

For 1 cup-size cardaman :
1 tbs of flour + 2 tbs of buckwheat flour
1/2 ts of cane sugar
1/3 ts of baking powder
1 pinch of salt
a small chunk of raw kabocha pumpkin
1 pod of cardamom
sesame seeds

Top chrono :
00 00 : nuke the wet kabocha in a covered cup, for 2 minutes
00 20 : mix the powders, add in water as necessary
01 20 : pour 2/3 batter in mold
01 30 : open the cardamom pod, take out seeds, take the kabocha from microwave
02 10 : add bits of kabocha, seeds a pinch of salt
02 30 : cover with rest of batter, sesame seeds, put a wait kitchen paper/towel to cover
03 00 : and nuke at 600 watts for 90 seconds
03 10 : clean around
04 30 : take out of microwave, flip the mold to get the cardaman
05 00 : READY

Ready ! But let them cool before eating as the perfume of cardamom and buckwheat will be more present when it’s cold.

Inside the soft and sweet kabocha.

If you want to warm you up, serve with hot soba-cha (buckwheat “tea”).

Only a food blogger would let the bits in her cup… It’s to show you it’s a brew of crushed roast bits of buckwheat kernels.

Serve this way ! And enjoy…

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