Carrot tsuyu for hand-pulled somen noodles


Today somen, Japanese Summer chilled vermicelli, with two particularities.


I have finer and better noodles than average. They are more expensive because they are still made traditionally.


手延そうめん tenobe somen. Hand-pulled vermicelli noodles.
On the site of the brand 揖保乃糸Ibonoito (click here) you can see old prints of hand-making of these noddles. They have been introduced in Japan from China hundreds of years ago.

Here is a series of videos on how they are actually made now. Yes, there are 11 videos. Needless to say I’m not going to make mines so soon.


I have seen this in a shop. I made carrot juice to make the tsuyu (dipping sauce). I’ve simply added grate fresh young ginger and a little shoyu soy sauce to the juice.


Garnishing items : goya squash, red sweet chili, molokheya leaves, eringi tsukemono and tomato agar.
It’s called kake-somen or bukakke-somen when you pour the tsuyu on top.


So men became new men… gni ?

No, this blog has not changed of monomania. You are at the Osaka nooddlivore circle. It’s about somen and niumen (pronounced ni -oo- men), 2 names for Japanese vermicelli.

In Summer, they were somen, click here to see that post.

In Summer, they are served chilled, even in iced water, as そうめん somen. The same noodles, served in a hot soup are にうめんniumen and the name would be a contraction of “ni(-ru” (cooking) and “soumen”. I’m not sure of that.
Well, niumen often make a simple light supper. They are said to be easy to digest.

Boiled *men*.

Kakinoki-take (persimmon tree mushrooms)

Fresh shrimps, boiled. Add ginger, chili pepper and sudachi lemon to the boiling broth of shrimps and mushrooms. Serve with a bouquet of chervil.