Sopa de espárragos verdes


A warm Spanish soup today :


This month :

Blog-checking lines: Our November Daring Cooks’ hostess was Begoña, who writes the beautiful blog, Las recetas de Marichu y las mías. Begoña is from Spain and didn’t want to go with the more common challenges of paella or gazpacho, she wanted to share with us another very popular recipe from Spain that we don’t see as often called Sopa Castellana which is a delicious bread soup!

(more here)

Besides the classic (with a complicated broth), there was an asparagus version that I’ve preferred.


I combine the 2 recipes and changed… well, here is my broth, based on a grilled onion, with stalks of turnip, cloves, laurel, thyme, rosemary, a dry mushroom and chick peas.


In the South of France, this type of simple bread soup existed too. Particularly aigo boulido in Provence, so my impression is garlic is the main ingredient.


It’s the season of frozen green asparagus. Always.


The soup with the bread.


Poached quail egg. A similar soup with one egg is called “bouillabaisse borgne” one-eyed bouillabaisse.


So we have a 4 eye monster soup.


Mmmm, it’s very filling.


Champilège 3 : Fall fungi pie soup



Une soupe en croûte.
A fragrant Autumnal broth, trapped under a crispy pie.



Awabi-take. The name literally means “abalone mushroom”. It’s a type of eringii.


Bunapi and awabi-take.


In a white wine chicken broth, with thyme.



Sealed, and baked.


Purple velvet crème and toficotta

It’s pretty no ? And it’s equally delicious. I had seen this Crema di cavolo viola (red cabbage soup), garnished with feta. That’s my version with tofu.

The main ingredients, red cabbage, onion and silky tofu. The veggies are boiled together and blended in a creamy soup. The stalk of cabbage gives texture.
Plus some herbs, pepper, chili and olive oil…

Velvetccino ? That made a lot of foam when I passed the soup in the blender.

Under, there was this smooth velouté (velvety soup).

I’d have preferred feta, but I had none. I simply broke the tofu and flavored with salt, olive oil, black and pink pepper, chili…

Croustillants, lunch crispy parcels and wasabina greens

A little crispy lunch, a main, a soup, a fruit…

Inside, a rainbow of veggies and meat.
It’s very simple and quick to prepare, actually.

Wasabina, wasabi greens.
I poached them one minute in boiling water, then refreshed in iced water to retain the colour and freshness.

Very thin slices of beef that I briefly poached in hot water.

On Spring roll skins, meat, kimchi and green. That’s all.

Packed. I painted these with oil, and put a second layer. Then grilled in the oven toaster.

A golden hot parcel ready to be devoured.

In bonus, a beef soup. I cooked the leaves, then the meat in the same hot water. I’ve kept it as a base for this soup, added sea salt, wakame sea weed, dry chili and roast sesame seeds.

And there is a letfover : the stalks and some leaves of greens sliced, flavored with a little soy sauce, a pinch of sugar, grated raw ginger and sesame. That will be a tsukemono (pickle) for tomorrow.

First Frenchy

A compil of French first dishes…

Pâtés et terrines

Pâté means both a meat terrine and a pie. That depends…

patés (meat terrines)
petits pâtés (pies)
coulibiac (fish pie)
mousse de foie aux olives et romarin (liver paste)
terrine de chou-fleur (cauliflower)


Soupes et potages

soupe au chou (cabbage)
gratinée au bouillon de canard (onion)
soupe à l’oignon rouge
soupe au pistou (pesto)
néo-garbure (beans)
gratinée d’avoine (oat)

potage Crécy
potage Choisy
crème de chou fleur (cauliflower)
soupe de champignons (mushrooms)
soupe au cerfeuil (chervil)
crème vert amande

soupe de poisson
potager de poisson
white bean and clam soup
chaudrée de saumon (salmon chowder)


Tartes, quiches, savory cakes

pounti (herb and prune peasant cake)
cake salé au fromage et aux piments
cakes aux fèves et pesto (broad bean pesto cakes)

quiche lorraine
tarte au potiron
flamiche (with leeks)
tarte à l’oignon

tarte aux epinards
tatin tomate
pichade (tomato)
pissaladiere (onion)

quiche poire et bleu
tarte flambée – flammenkuechen (old style quiche)
tarte flambée à la pomme (apple)

soufflé de potimarron
soufflé de fromage et chou-fleur

salades et crudités

salade de tomates
salade niçoise (the real story)
salade de riz Méditerranée (rice)
taboulé rouge
taboulé au safran

poireau vinaigrette (leeks)
salade de lentilles au saumon d’automne (salmon, lentils)
poire, bleu, noix (pear cheese)
dill lime salade composée

salade aux calamars et pois chiches (chick peas)
salad tahitienne (sashimi)
salade composée (poached egg and croutons)

Or you can simply serve eggs :

oeuf mayo
omelette baveuse
oeufs à la coque