Deconstructed inari soba and 4 treasure mozuku soup


Inari-zushi are sushi in little pockets like this (click). I wanted to make a variation , inari soba, with soba noodles instead of rice but I made a technical mistake, so the taste is here, delicious, but the shape, not at all… The second dish is a seaweed and veggie soup.


Abura-age (fried tofu) simmered in a broth of soy sauce, paprika, with a little chili and garlic.
MY MISTAKE : I forgot to open the pockets before simmering. And later, that was… impossible without tearing all apart.

DSC08755-001 I have made kujo negi into threads :


I’ve salted slightly and mixed with fresh soba buckwheat noodles (boiled 1 minute, then cooled in iced water, drained).


So I’ve placed the noodles on top of the pockets. The project was to fill them.


Fresh edamame from kuromame (black soy beans)


You need to cook them. It’s possible to rub the pods with salt and boil them that way, or to open as I did.


Inspired from a Chinese soup. I’ve cooked green and black edamame, dices of kabocha pumpkin and slices of okra. I’ve added sea salt and mozuku seaweed to the cooled broth. A few slices of sudachi lime bring fruity acidity.


Mixed baby leaves, plus mitsuba and cherry tomatoes.


My lunch !



Black delights… (via GiO)


Black is beautiful. In Japanese cuisine, that’s really a precious color…

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Black delights with the aburi sushi

Black is beautiful. In Japanese cuisine, that’s really a precious color.

The meal with the :
aburizushi (fire leached sushi)

It’s hijiki, seaweeds. They are cooked in dashi (fish broth) with soy sauce, mirin and carrot. I get them fresh but you can buy them dry and rehydrate them.

Kuro-mame. Home-made black soy beans in honey ginger syrup. They’ll get their post too. Beans in syrup are often a small dish in Japanese meals. There are many versions.

Miso soup with abura-age (fried tofu) and spinach.

(meal, 2 servings of rice)
Cal 590.3 F15.6g C87.9g P41.9g

Bibinbap from a set…

This is something I’ve bought. That’s the standard “namul set” sold in Japan. Boiled spinach, soy bean sprouts, zenmai fern and daikon radish. It’s easy to prepare mine, but the whole set is cheaper than the fresh sprouts only (soy bean sprouts cost much more than mungo bean ones), or the ferns only, so sometimes I just take that whole from a shop with good take away corner.

In the heated dish, fragrant sesame oil, brown rice… and I reheated them together. Displayed the set, kimchi…

Bok choi leaves, natto, an egg, gochujang sauce. That’s it…

A little soup, dry fish, the white part of the bok choi, nori seaweed, soy sauce, sesame seeds.

Korean Gourmande (photo compilation of my Korean posts)