Peanut and carrot congee, from the blog Yin’s Homemade

That was lunch but I was still in the morning blurr… and my camera too.
The original recipe from the blog Yin’s homemade
Well, I drifted away from her recipe. But the basic idea is the most important, so thanks for the inspiration.

At night, in the rice-cooker, brown rice, peanuts, shredded carrots… Chinese congee program.
I slept in a cloud of nutty fragrance.
In the morning added more water and salt, reheated.

Toppings are eggs, negi leeks and home-made ra-yu flavored oil. That’s really delicious.

Shan tofu and home-made ra-yu

2 servings :
Cal 634.5 F29.4g C87.5g P24.3g