Convenient bamboo steamer menu : chicken, noodles with Korean sauce

A whole many around fragrant steamed chicken. That takes 4 minutes to prepare in a Chinese bamboo basket (or any steamer you improvise).

-Steam on medium heat the chicken breast with a few chunks of ginger. That takes about 30 minutes.
-Grate some cabbage, cut shiso leaves.
-Prepare the sauce by mixing : gochujang Korean sauce, rice vinegar, ground sesame and a little sesame oil. You can add sugar if you like it sweeter.
-In the second basket, add the noodles and the cabbage to steam them briefly.

The steamed chicken on top of the cabbage, with shiso, and the sauce. The meat stays very tender.

Nothing is lost. The chunks of ginger, the little juice from the saucer where the chicken was steamed, the stalks of shiso, sesame seeds and fresh wakame seaweed make a little soup.

The hot noodles with shiso leaves, kimchi and aonori seaweed.

Just a sauce changes it all. Yuzu-kosho kimizu.

Steaming is a convenient way to cook your food. Then you just need a sauce. Something that would go with meat, with veggies…
A mayonnaise, maybe. Or a kimizu.
It’s a classic Japanese sauce, the name means “vinegar and egg yolk”. It’s Japan’s mayonnaise or hollandaise, but there is a difference, you will see.
Recipes vary, the principle is always the same : egg yolk and vinegar, but no oil nor butter.

Kimizu sauce, recipe

Basic :
1 egg yolk, 1 tbs of rice vinegar, 3 tbs of liquid. A little sugar and salt.
What I call liquid can be water, dashi stock, a mix of both. This time :
I have added 1 ts of mirin to 3 tbs of water.
I have not used salt nor soy sauce because the yuzu-koshio is very salty.

It’s very simple, like a sabayon.
Mix the ingredients in a bowl, put on pot of hot (not boiling) water, whisk until it doubles of volume and becomes thick.
You can serve it room temperature or chilled.

I have added 1 ts of yuzu-kosho paste at the end. You can buy this condiment in a Japanese grocery store or make it (click here to see how).
That brings a taste of green, citrus and some heat.

The sauce is a sort of foam.

Another dish with the same sauce (click on text) :

ebi to snappy beans no kimizu-ae

Steamed chicken with pink pepper.

Okra, favas and rice noodles. These noodles need only soaking. Then everything was steamed together.
Add the sauce and enjoy :