In April, that was buzzed…


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Green Green Green

Pomelo and sea grape temaki-zushi (green sushi cones)
Veg veg burgers, and Bulldog sauce
Tartine de printemps (country bread fresh sands)

Herbs and pesto

Sage pesto and coconut cream ballerina pasta
Mint cha gio, green Spring rolls
Shiso pesto

Tofu dishes

Sesame sweet and sour tofu
Tofu, natto and green caviar sea grapes
Tofu manju in ankake
Tofu compil’


Namul, Koreanizing the veggies
Chigae red velvet soup
Korean compil’


Burning strawberry dew
Green juice

Salty caramel

salty caramel filled chocolates
‘caramel salé’ spread

Nancy, Lorraine…

Le Nancy. Grandma’s so soft chocolate cake.
Gâteau de Metz (rival chocolate cake)
Tarte flambée, Lorraine’s pizza
petite madeleine lorraine
Stohrer’s baba


Like a strawberry breakfast


What’s pinker than starting a Spring day with tender strawberry muffins ?


The recipe is the same as the zesty oat muffins. Replace the fillings with a cup of diced strawberries, fresh or frozen.


Juice of strawberries has escaped when the top popped up, so they look like small volcanoes. Let the muffins cool.


Sprinkle cinnamon sugar on top. And go to bed, they’ll be ready when you get up…


Burning strawberry dew


That’s a fierce cocktail that will wake up your spirits and digestive system.


Only 3 ingredients. The red carrot has a sweeter taste than the orange ones.


As you can see that’s between a juice and smoothie. I’ve used the strawberries still frozen. The texture and taste were perfect.


Strawberry bubble milk, without berries nor milk

Dark day. Storms are waiting to burst. Let’s have a little fun and something sweet.
It’s magical, everything is made from dry pantry items.

I’ve made the soy milk (easy recipe here).

And with that I’ve strawberry customized my tapioca.
Boil tapioca as needed, rinse, put in a bowl with 1/2 cup water, strawberry essence, sugar to taste, the red coloring. Cover. Let overnight in the fridge.

Tatata da !

It’s pink and it tastes of strawberry… candies. Not very natural.

Put bubbles in a bowl.

Pour soy milk, slightly sweetened and vanilla flavored. Not outside, if you can avoid…

Isn’t that cute ? That’s really good. Maybe don’t mix in advance as the tapioca could give back its coloring into the milk.

Pêcher mignon en papillote

Pêcher mignon… the name is lost in transltion. Let’s say cute sinful peach tree ?

Plus a few drops of lemon juice…

Wrapped in shape of papillon (butterfly).


Let’s open… Hum, the vanilla and rose flavor is divine.
You can add ice-cream to make it a real dietetic sin. I don’t need that. Oh wait, I had some…

Caliph’s berry crémet, a creamy luxury pause

Let’s say the crémet d’Anjou that you’ve seen before has moved into an Oriental palace…
This fresh cream is flavored like Ottoman sweets with honey, orange blossom water, cinnamon, a hint of mace.

Garnished with berries.

The strawb’ soup is pimped with créme de framboise (raspberry liquor).

Decorated with gold powder if you have. Cinnamon is cheaper and tastier otherwise.

Raining on the parade trifle

It’s raining. Raining. Pouring. Raining. Rainy season… We live in shade, half-shade, sunless brightness, humidity, mist, fog and water.

We are not cold, it’s hot some days. Not sure it’s better when it’s hot or cold. Today temperature is OK.

It’s as if I was inside that bowl. Wet and misty in it, and outside. You’re well nowhere. The good news is that lasts one only one month. What do they do in countries with rain all year ? Let’s say in England… They put a waterproof hat on their royals and they parade them.
They also make trifle !

A royal idea.
That was not premeditated but this is a dairy free recipe. Well, the recipes you see here are rarely planned. If ever. Now that happens. I have ingredients, then the idea.
I had leftovers of plain ok’cake (made with okara tofu fiber, click here for more). It’s basically just egg flavor, well like custard flavor cake. This time, it was very moist. That will count as custard and cake. Plant based whip. I do like the whip cream from cows, but it does not like me and my gut if it’s not fermented. I like the taste of this one too.

Take strawberries…

Put that in a huge kitsch crystal ball. Or the lid of a yogurt maker. I sprinkled with sweet cinnamon and unrefined cane sugar that have the same color and texture.

Ready !

Let’s enjoy it with the little fingers up… I never knew why you were supposed or not to do that gesture. But the trifl… nom, nom, nom…