Poteto sobagaki, Japanese gnocchi


This is second hybrid of potato gnocchi. These time I combined it with sobagaki, a traditional Japanese dish made of buckwheat.


Cooking the sobagaki (read here).


I’ve combined mashed potato and sobagaki.


Forming gnocchi.


Boiling them very quickly, just to warm them up before serving… otherwise they melt into the water.


Anerigoma ( tahini , sesame paste) and sudachi citrus juice sauce.



Sudachi somen


Somen + Sudachi = Freshness.
Here is another simple Summer meal.


Tsuyu dip with eringi sudachi tsukemono.


Natto with freshly grated wasabi.


Mouth refreshing “pickles”


They are not really pickles… but how to say ? Small bits siding a dish.


Eringi tsukemono.


Spicy tomato agar.


スダチ sudachi is a small green citrus from the area of Tokushima. It is thought to have lots of medicinal properties to fight diabetes and allergies. And it’s fragrant, fresh, delicious too.


Eringi mushroom.


Eringi tsukemono :
I’ve used only the stalks for this recipe. I sliced them thinly, mixed with the juice of a sudachi, its cut peel and a pinch of sea salt. Cover. Let 1 or 2 days in the fridge, mixing twice a day.


Tomato juice, salt, powdered jalapeno chili and agar. I have not used enough agar for a solid result (you have to follow the proportions on the package). It’s still good and refreshing, but I need a spoon to eat it. Ideally, you want to make cubes that can be grabbed with chopsticks or a fork.


Aloe haupia, and 3 (little) blogger nigthmares

I don’t know if aloe vera is common in the islands. Probably not. But I thought it would be a perfect match for Hawaiian dessert haupia. And yes, that was a delicious pairing of flavors and textures.

I prepared a haupia, coconut custard.
haupia (click here)

To serve it the next day, with fresh aloe vera, and super-ripe sudachi lemon.

Very juicy aloe.

Like cancoillotte, natto, okra, it has the sluggish texture.
I mixed the cubes of aloe flesh with the lemon juice and a little honey.

Now look at that :

When it rains, it pours. Well, that’s fun… As long as the food is yummy, no problem. That’s only the blogger in me that got the issues. The blog gods don’t like you :

1. when the food is invisible.
2. when the food is un-cuttable, un-servable.
3. when it looks weird on the plate.

So, the 3 today ? I should play at the lottery. It’s simply rrrrhhhaaa… as you know it’s super delicious and you can’t show it.

Well, the solution is to serve in a cute dessert cup.

Fast-food sized carotene

Aaaaah I’m going to fall in the flowers !
Actually this was the size of the monkey-P they served me last (and first) time I went to that world-wide chain of coffee-in-paper-cup. Even if it had been coffee at my taste (for me they over-infuse it), that would have been less good from the second 1/4 of their huge cup, and really unpleasant at the end. A too big serving kills the taste.
That was not even the biggest size of bucket. They had larger. And now, they even sell bigger… Why that ?

Mine is healthy, just juice and water.

Carrots make you kind.
Carrots give you a natural tan.
Carrots are good for the eyes. Have you ever seen a rabbit with glasses ?