Black soy milk iced matcha latte (from beans)


That’s not a fast-food drink. Count 12 hours or more to get your refreshment. Well, it’s not really labor intensive.

Kuromame, black soy beans. Compil’ here.


After overnight soaking. I don’t know why they burst. That doesn’t matter.


Squeezed in cotton gauze. More details about soy milk making here.


That gives soy milk. The grounds are okara:


This okara will be used in next post.


You can drink the milk.


Or make a matcha latte. I foamed 1/3 of chilled milk with matcha green tea powder and poured on top. You can see a gradation.


Bubble matcha au lait

That’s refreshing and delicious. In addition the cafeine wakes you up from humidity induced torpor.

Cooked and refreshed pearls of tapioca.

Matcha green tea powder, whisked in ice-cold water.

Iced milk espuma.

Sugar ? Only the cute stars. The skim milk is naturally sweet.

With a wagashi Japanese tea cake (bought). It’s kashiwa-mochi colored green with yomogi. The leaf is not from “oak”, it’s an alternative version more common in Kansai.