Shhhlggg green salsa


So quick, so fresh… A very green salsa dip with refreshing okra.


Sweet green chili pepper. I took out the seeds, juiced a hand full. Add another hand full cut into the blender. Plus a little minced garlic, cut onion. A little hot green pepper. A little salt.


Added cut steamed okra. Blended into a chunky texture. Let a while in the fridge to chill and let flavors mix.
With bought nacho chips.



Soba 3 ways for one meal.
Soba miso soup, warming up an ikura zaru soba. Then hot soba, with chrysanthemum leave pesto.

The cooking water of the ju-wari (100% buckwheat) soba, miso, enoki mushrooms…

Freshly boiled and chilled soba, salmon roe, shiso leaves.

Pesto of shungiku (young chrysanthemum leaves), sesame, olive oil, garlic and parmesan cheese. With sweet green chili pepper. On hot soba. The leaves have a pleasant acidity. Great balance and green taste.

Shungiku salad