Matcha tortilla tacos


A Mexican-Japanese fusion dish. I’ve added Japanese matcha tea, azuki beans and rice to tacos.


Azuki bean chili, with rice, green peppers, fresh thyme and dried tomatoes.


Wheat flour tortillas with matcha green tea powder.


Add a piece of steam corn cob. And wrap…



Salmon Summer tacos (home-made masa tortilla)



A fresh Mexican style lunch today…


The market’s findings…


Yeah ! Cilantro, coriander.



Masa tortillas. Well, it’s work in progress for the shape, but they taste great. It’s too simple, just add water, mix, knead, wait, spread… Just train. But I can’t buy masa harina easily, so I won’t have many opportunities for training.

If you don’t have masa harina , you can make :
wheat tortilla
corn tortilla (with grits, polenta, they are not gluten free)


Salmon and green peppers are grilled…


Before filling the shells…


… on top of the veggies. I’ve added some minced hot chili that does not appear on photos (it’s red), and a few drops of Jalapeno Tabasco sauce.


Now let’s devour that…


Fish tacos with DIY corn tortilla

Taco lunch ! Arriba ! Nobody says that ? Pues, caramba ! Even less… I used to speak Spanish well.

The market’s basket. It’s chili and peppers season.

My yellow tortillas… I mixed flour and polenta (grits), olive oil, water and salt. I rolled 2 crepes and steamed them. Then toasted in the toaster. They taste good, a great roast corn flavor.
Now the shape and solidity are not like those you can buy. As you see, they are flat, no folding in 2. If you insist, they break and you get 2 half-circles. There is a trick. Fill them and take photos. The filling will soften the fold line and as you can see at the end I get them folded.

Hot ingredients : Fish (flounder) stir-fried in olive oil with coriander seeds, black pepper, paprika. Stir-fried red onions. Shishito green peppers roast in the oven toaster,

Crudités : cukes, yellow paprika, togarashi peppers.

Filled !

With a side of mix beans (edamame, garbanzo, black beans, favas) in sweet chili and cumin sauce with toasted sesame.

Kan-Mex Lunch : Egg Tacos (via Gourmande in Osaka)

Last year…

Kan-Mex Lunch : Egg Tacos The idea is to cook a Mexican meal, when you have no knowledge of Mexican cooking and no way to get the required ingredients. Let's say it's Kansai-Mexican fusion, Kan-Mex. To make a tortilla, you need "masa harina" or fresh corn and… no idea. Well I made "yellow crepes" with a batter of 50% wheat flour and 50% corn flour. Guacamole is easy, just avocado and lime juice. Decorated with… Italian parsley (couldn't find coriander). Beans are azuk … Read More

via Gourmande in Osaka

Taco raisu and taco “crepe”

or ?

Taco raisu = taco rice. It’s like a taco… on rice. An invention of Okinawan fast-food near the US bases. The original version is made with beef and premix sauces, plus plain white rice.

A chili stew (chicken, tomato, bell pepper, chili peppers, spices…),

Iceberg lettuce, chili tomatoes.

Jalapeno tabasco, cheese, a fluid salsa (tomato, chili, green yuzu lemon, sea salt).

For rice, I mixed white and brown.

Add a few of those infamous triangle chips… and drink coke ? Iced jasmine tea is good too.

(it’s a double serving of rice… and yeah, I ate the rest of the doritos mini-bag)
Cal 717.4 F21.7g C117.6g P33.2g

Then with the same filling and home-made “crepes tortilla” :

The tortilla in a Japanese kitchen

Cal 472.2 F13.1g C64.3g P27.3g