Asari shellfish and tagliatelle



A colorful pasta, veggie, seafood one-dish meal.


Tagliatelle made with durum semolina plus a little matcha green tea powder.


Asari shellfish.


Cooked with garlic, chili, white wine, tomato paste…


…konnyaku, capers, favas (broad beans)


… stalks on mitsuba. The leaves decorate the serving plate.


Black tiger coconut sauce for pasta


A fresh pasta and seafood dish. Delicious and easy. That can be done with any fresh herb you have.


Sweet onion simmered in coconut milk. Then stalks of mitsuba, black tiger shrimps, salt and pepper. Home-made pasta (colored with turmeric and paprika).


About mitsuba.


Served with the leaves of mitsuba all around, like a salad.




Matcha pasta on a flower bed


There is green tea in my pasta and my plate looks like a garden today. Happy !


Add 1 tbs of matcha (green tea powder) to 1 cup of flour or semolina, mix well and make pasta as usual.
I like them thick and thin, that depends on days. This time, the mood was for thick tagliatelle.


I used what was in the fridge : like leafy mini daikon (leaves had been eaten, I wonder by who…), red cabbage and carrot. A dry chili. New onion. Stir-fry in olive oil. Season with sea salt and freshly ground pepper.


Add in the cooked pasta. Yes, there were 2 volumes of veggies for one of pasta. That’s the perfect ratio.


Serve with 2 sides, well 2 desserts…


A season citrus. It’s a sort of pomelo. It’s very sweet and flavored, not bitter at all.
子夏 (konatsu) or 日向夏 (hyuganatsu). The first name means “little Summer”.


Homemade soy yogurt.



Meatball Tagliatelle (via Colorfood Daidokoro Gourmande in Osaka)

Last year…

Meatball Tagliatelle Tomato puree, garlic, onion, green sweet pepper, dried chili, herbes de Provence, olive oil. Meat balls (beef, coriander seeds, black pepper, Ceylon cinnamon) Home-made tagliatelle (bread flour and egg) Snap peas For 1 serving of pasta Cal 640.3 Fat 26.2g Carb 67.5g Prot 35.2g (I had 2 servings of pasta , I need carbs today… I will make in sort that I needed them.LOL) Cal 851.6 Fat 29.2g Carb 103.9g Prot 44.0g … Read More

via Colorfood Daidokoro Gourmande in Osaka

Nuttiful : another green pesto

What’s simpler and better than tagliatelle coated in pesto ? The basil pesto is very famous, the green rucola one is good too…

Making egg pasta. Thank you, little machine… when it’s too hot for the pin speading.

Then, with the rest of my bouquet… well my bush of rucola/aragula, a few roast almond, olive oil, garlic, cheese lambda (can’t always be fussy on the pedigree), natural salt, a little water and… thank you, my friend the blender… when it’s 80% of humidity, the mortar could melt.
When it’s creamy, add more almonds and cubes of cheese, just blend 15 seconds to break them. So there are crunchy bits and soft saltier fresh spots that contrast with the rest.

What is great is the leaves develop their nutty aftertaste, so the roast almonds is the perfect match.

With a fresh tomato… yum, a good supper.

Cal : 432 F21.7g C42.7g P17.4g