Sakura musubi


Musubi mean making a knot. They are also packages of rice, to take with you as lunch pack. The plastic film gives the shape to the ball.


A mix of genmai (brown rice), mochigome (sticky rice), kurogome (black rice, sticky too) and takakibi (sorghum).


Pickled sakura leaves, rinsed.


Wrap. Keep a few hours, or better the next day. The leaves are not very tasty but give a sakura flavors and saltiness to the rice.


Far-East vegetable biryani

The inspiration was Indian vegetable biryani. Except that I have changed nearly all ingredients in order to use what I had at home to make this vegan rice-less version. And that’s delicious.

For the gravy, grated onion and spices, then a paste of sesame and coconut.

Green peas, kabocha pumpkin and more onion as vegetables.

My fresh herb is shiso. There is no rice as I said, it’s sorghum, the Chinese grain (kaoliang). It’s well for biryani because it stays apart and takes a firmness comparable to a basmati rice.
I have cooked it till al dente, sprinkled with lemon juice a little oil.

Making the gravy.

Layering. First half of the grain, with shiso and saffron.

The veggie mix. Then more rice, sprinkled with olive oil. And baked 15 minutes.

From the oven. On that, fried onion, walnuts and shiso.

Mouth refresher. Well that’s a feast meal !

Mixed grill, mixed lunch, 5 minutes to cook it. The easy fusion life.

Lunch is ready ! And it’s yummy !

The full menu. You need to start 40 minutes before, but that takes 3 minutes. Fill the rice-cooker.

Mixed grill.
Kabocha squash. I only cut chunks (any shape is OK as you can see). Chicken breast, I passed olive oil all over.
Place all that in the oven toaster. Then turn after 15 minutes. After, for me, that just tastes great. I didn’t even add salt. Roasting is a magic flavor enhancer.

Mixed veggies, greens and salad.
Take from the fridge. Kimchi, shiso leaves. A little kimchi everyday brings vitamins, probiotics, fibers and color on the table. Well, I fall in that addiction every Winter.

Mixed rice.
Take from the rice-cooker. Brown rice mixed with sorghum (kaoliang, takakibi). On top, black sesame, powdered. The taste is not very different from rice but it’s more crunchy and the round shape is funny.

Shiso plate

In the “quick can be fun” series, a colorful Korean mood fried rice. That’s ready in 5 minutes, if you trust the rice-cooker for the grains. It’s spicy and delicious !

Well a stir-fry is a stir-fry. What makes it is the ingredients.

Brown rice… yes, I see some often, but with many variations. Can you see the pearls in this ?

It’s takakibi, sorghum. They give a minty nutty … well, some taste to the rice.

post about sorghum

Juicy paprika.

Leaves of shiso (perilla). Shiso has the acidity of sorrel. I saw sorrel in Japan once, that was in 20th century in an exotic market. So I’ve reported my sorrel addiction to these leaves…
That’s the same that you see on the 2 first photos. The shape ? Oh, well, I played with the scissors. There are also strips of shiso “melt” inside the rice.

There is also kimchi, natto (fermented soy beans) and napa cabbage in it.
Now I feel hot and energized for a walk in Autumn wind !

Calamars au vin (via Gourmande in Osaka)

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