Le zoo de panisses et tapenade verte


I’m playing with animal cookie cutters and Provence’s classics.

Same recipe as these bunny panisses you’ve seen a few weeks ago.


Green olive tapenade.


Served with sticks of cucumbers and toothpicks. You have a nice Summer appetizer or light meal.


Chou-fleur à la tapenade – Provence on cauliflowers

Cauliflower with the Provençale sauce tapenade.

Tapenade is a classic paste or sauce from the South of France. I don’t know how popular it is over the world. You can see some ready to use in jars. Making yours is very easy.

It is made by pounding, or blending pitted black olives, with a little garlic, anchovy, lemon juice (a little) and olive oil (a lot). I added herbes de Provence.
You can use it as a dip for raw veggies, as a topping for bread, or like here for hot veggies.

Take a nice cauliflower.

Steam the blossoms.

Add a few cherry tomatoes.

Bring the tapenade.
Enjoy ! It’s simple and delicious.