Tarte alsacienne à la fraise et à la myrtille (double berry cake)


It’s a cousin from Lorraine’s tarte au sucre (here). A little more elaborated. Both are nice, that depends if you’re looking for simplicity or something more cake-like.


Strawberries (fraises) and blueberries (myrtilles) are garnishing it. Frozen fruits do the trick perfectly.


And there is some streusel on top.


Petite tarte alsacienne à la rhubarbe

A little tart to enjoy my precious rhubarb. Many French tarte à la rhubarbe have some kind of cream or custard. That’s not bad, but the “real one” is full of rhubarb. The more the better ! I prefer a little almond and pink streusel.

This is not necessarily a recipe from Alsace. That type of cake/pie dough contains “levure alsacienne” (a brand of baking powder). Next time, I will make it a little thinner. But that was well balanced.

The rhubarb was cooked but still sparkly and a little crunchy. Mmmmm !

A great coffee cake.