Le retour de la tarte polenta



Tarte polenta aux légumes.
It’s a new and more French version of :

b4cf3-dsc08756-001 la gritzza


Same sunshine crust.


Ratatouille vegetables.


The warmth of negi leek tartlets

Another simple Winter comforting dish, full of greens. Eat it very hot…

The crust is flour, water, a little oil, a little paprika. It’s pre-cooked 15 minutes.

The creamy batter is 1/2 block of silky tofu, mixed with onion, the white parts of negi leeks, a tbs of potato starch, a little olive oil, salt, pepper. Then I added minced negi greens. Baked till golden.

It’s mellow inside, crispy around. Mmmm…

Tutti veggy hemp milk quiche-pastilla, an easy recipe

That’s very simple. That takes 3 minutes to prepare.

And you get this nutty quiche style dairy free tarte. Pastilla ? Because the crust is made by piling oiled “brik” wheat sheets, like for the pastilla pie.

It’s delicious hot or cold. Ideal for this season.

Wheat roll Spring skins + veggies + hemp milk and egg mix.
I made the hemp milk from whole seeds, that gave it the color. It had a creamy texture.

I just added origan, olive oil and paprika.

Baked !

The veggies (bell peppers, mushrooms, young onions…) appear as you crunch in it. They are deliciously baked.

Is a double flamiche still a flamiche ?

Cheese and leek flamiche with a local shopping basket. Flamiche, or flamique is a generic name for Winter savory tarts in the North of France, Picardie region, and of Wallon region in Belgium (that’s the same area, very close). There are cheese ones (Dinant style) that are more like a bread, leek ones (Picarde style) that are more like a pie. The recipes are quite different. Today is a hydrid version. The question is what you get when you cross 2 recipes ? Well, a good meal, for sure…

Got baby shiso.

Poireau negi. A good sized real leek. That’s not the most common here.

Not too white, not too green… the good part.

The cheese is imported. We don’t ebough of everything. Australia reinvented the… camembert ? It’s OK to cook.

A soft bread dough with nuka (rice bran).

Baked. Golden. Melty. Crispy.

The crust of the cheese melted.

That’s thick like a fougasse bread.