Sukiyaki, Japanese big dinner


As Christmas is approaching, I wish you a nice holiday season. So let’s have a sukiyaki party !
It’s a party meal designed to showcase delicious premium Japanese beef and season produce. A hot pot to cook and share on the table.


The ingredients are cut, cleaned, prepared and presented on big trays on the table.
First tray : fungi, konnyaku noodles and grilled tofu.
There were 4 types of mushrooms : shimeji, enoki, dry and soaked maitake and fresh kikurage.


Second tray : negi leeks, onions, soaked yakifu (gluten croutons) and kikuna (chrysanthemum greens).


Third tray : the beef. Wagyu, Japanese traditionally raised cows. Beside you can see cubes of beef fat.


Each eater is given a bowl with a good fresh egg. Whisk your egg with the chopsticks and get ready to dip you ingredients in this sauce.


First step : greasing the pot with fat and roasting the first slices. They can be enjoyed this way as the beef is delicious, just on its own.


That’s the technique : melt some fat, add some meat, pour a little sugar, then a little shoyu (sauce sauce), a little sake. Mix and cook.


All the other ingredients are added in small batches…


For dessert… well, there are no desserts for Japanese meal. So that’s a French tarte Tatin, made with Japanese apples.


Tatinette, Fuji et shikwasa

Is it necessary to say it ? This is a tuerie (mass murder). Mmmmmmm !

Technically, it’s a Fuji apple and shikwasa lime pie.

You probably know the classic tarte Tatin, the French uspside down apple pie.

tarte Tatin classique

It’s a variation, small… with leftovers and short-cuts.

A nice Fuji apple, with the vivid color of the boiling lava from the volcano. They are really delicious this year.

Made a compote with cane sugar.

The particularity is I flavored the compote with the juice and skin of an Okinawan shikwasa lime .

Used a left over of pastry dough… to cover the compote + a tbs of dry caramel.

Baked. Twice (reheated the next day).

Caramel dipped shikwasa lime, for decoration.

Pistou life : Tatin tomate

A new classic, the upside-down tomato tarte. It cannot be called a tarte Tatin, the title is reserved the apple delight :
tarte Tatin

So let’s say “la tatin de tomates“.

Good season vegetables and freshly pounded pistou (simple basil pesto). Couscous absorbs the extra juice.

Yep, it’s cheating : the dough, that was dumpling skins.
Flap !

Mmmmmm !

Tatata Tatin !!! Vanilla apple tenderness

Tarte Tatin, apple upside down pie.

A strong accent of vanilla sugar. Jonagold apple.

The other side…

Hot from the oven with a little creme fraiche or sour cream.

Reheated with decadence.

It’s simply melted cocoa paste. The bitterness contrasts wonderfully the sweet apples.