September’s round up

A little retrospective about last month.
In September, the readers’ favorites are :

Sprouted hemp seed bread, improved version
Simple 10 minute falafels
Milk your beans (make soy milk)
Eating like a queen : bouchée à la reine
Yaki ika, Ika yaki (Japanese calamari)
Kabocha and carrot kibbeh

Sweets :

Farz fou ! Crazy pagan baking.

Guilt free chocolate cake
Kabocha polka-dot yokan

Hey, the kabocha is getting popular as Autumn is looming…

Some more :

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Desserts :

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Tartelette sésamine aux figues

A little treat : let’s bake a fig tartelette. Simple, dairy-free, vegan, but it’s universally delicious. The secret weapon is sesame.

Flour, oil, water a little sugar, a pinch of salt, you have a very thin crust.

About 1/2 cup of powdered roast sesame seeds, a tbs of corn starch and a little kurozato black sugar.

The figs cut in slices will release their juice on the powder that will become a creamy bed.

On the figs, more black sugar, a few raw sesame seeds. I’ve let them one hour to marinate the figs.

Baked. Let cool, serve chilled.

Mmmm… As you can see, the juicy caramelized figs on top, the fine crispy crust under and in between a generous layer of sesame cream.

Enjoy with rose flavored Ceylon tea.

Kiwi and haupia tartelette

A refreshing dessert. And it’s Bayard, which means that’s healthy for a cake.
I had no idea of what season the kiwi were supposed to be good when I lived in France. They were imported, and as they are produced in many places, there are always some to buy. In Osaka, the fruit is not traditional, but now it’s becoming common in gardens. So I can see some on trees. They are good to eat in November~December. Hey, it’s now !

Take a pre-baked rice bran pie crust (click here for details).

Fill it with haupia the Haiwaiian coconut pudding.

Simple haupia : 1 tbs of cornstarch, 3 tbs of water, 1 tbs of coconut cream and sweetener as you like (optional). Mix and stir-cook till it’s creamy.




14 chocolate gourmandises for tomo-choko day

Berry Valentine cake


Coffee sunglassesGâteau truffe aux kumquatsWhite chocolate cinnamon apple cake Raspeberry choco-carob cake

nutty truffles (vegan)

choco-chip cookie with coconut cream

tarte orangette

silky chocolate mousse (vegan)

chocolate smeared green tea waffles

simple silky chocolate tarte (vegan, gluten free)

matcha chocolate cake

Azteca gold takoyaki

guilt-free chocolate cake

minimalist pear and chocolate

pinapple chocolate cupcakes

bûche forêt noire

macashew brownies (vegan)

A little compilation, but click on the text links not on the photos (sorry I’m lazy, but linking the thumbnails to the posts would be very time-consuming).


Chocolate and azuki

Choco-azuki, le retour

Azu-choco with blueberry 

Mousse au chocolat vegetale

After-Eight Daifuku Mochi

Choco-coco hari-nezumi

choco-chip matcha-an daifuku

Sorbet de cacao grand frisson

Tartelettes citron-chocolat

Gomacarons (sesame cocoa macarons)

Truffes a la pomme nouvelle

choco-banana fondant

choco-chip far breton

chocolat chaud 16 janvier

************More *****

Pure mousse au chocolat

choko-friends (paleo diet)

3 petites marquises noires

Marquise blanche

Valentine Day in Japan.

V-day nama choco (vegan)

It differs from other country’s V-day.
Of course, there are few Christians and the celebration is not of religious origine. It was created as a marketing event. In 1936, an expat chocolate artisan called Morozoff started promoting the “Valentine Day chocolates”. It became popular from the 1950’s.

Japanese tradition became this in the 80’s and 90’s :
On February 14th, Valentine Day : Ladies offer small boxes of chocolates to gentlemen they find attractive. And they also offer some to gentlemen they don’t care about, to avoid making them upset. Those are “giri choko” (obligation chocolates).
On March 14 th, White Day : Gentlemen that received chocolates give a thank-you present to all ladies that made them a gift. The value varies a lot, depending on their feelings for the ladies.

There were legends, in the glorious days of VD-WD, about guys receiving a tiny box of 1 piece of al’cheapo chocolate and thanking with a luxury brand hand-bag or a jewel. And also horrid stories, about naive young women living their first workplace VD, giving “giri choco” to all coworkers, but then they received the most vulgar pieces of lingerie from creepy middled aged guys, that were their managers. From dreams to nightmares.

Now, it became a old. Not fun anymore. So in the last 10 years or so, the number of people playing the game has decreased. In the 1990’s, I could see handsome young guys receiving several times their weight in chocolates, from all women aged 5 to 95, in a circle of 5 km around them, coworkers, customers, neighbors… Now, they get only a few. Maybe of better quality, and with more sincere feelings.
But the taste for chocolate is still here. So Valentine Day is still the big promotional campaign. They sell some everywhere now. The thing is most people probably buy more for themselves, or to share with family or real friends, than to give around to boring coworkers. It seems these days, the industry wants us to by tomo-choko (friendship chocolates). Anything is good to sell…

Saint-Shoppentine, say cheeeeese !

Caissettes amandines

Funny small sweets in paper cups.
The classical tartelette amandine has a cup make of sable cookie, and is garnished with jam under and jelly over. Well the truth is classical were not as fit, slim and beautiful as us. We can’t have that everyday.

Fruits replace the jam. Fresh kaki (persimmon) and frozen blueberries.

The frangipane presented here :

Frangipane fragrance

I added a little sugar. A little butter on top too. I trusted my oven to bake them, and that was not the best idea (less hot would have been better). But that’s good !
I froze most, so I have a stock of small desserts or sweets for me or vistors.