Veggies for katsuo tataki (seared bonito)


Katsuo tataki. Bonito “tataki”.

I could just say I’m proud of my nice dish. But that’s cheating as I bought the tataki (seared fish) already cooked and I only had to cut and mix with its ponzu sauce. But I prepared the vegetables.
Under there is a layer of onion slices. I cut them, salted and rinsed after 10 minutes.


Sprouts of okra (gombos). I simply washed them.



Then new ginger’s refreshing power. Cut in cubes.


A few chili flakes on top. That’s ready :


North North West, eating the Ehomaki sushi in 2012 (Japanese Spring Festival)

Setsubun is today ! For this Spring festival, all Japan throw beans and eats ehomaki (horoscope sushi).

Previous Setsubun posts.


Every year, we eat them in a different direction. And I have a branch of holy on my table… I don’t know why. There is tradition surely, but I have no idea. I have research.

This year : shiitake mushrooms, shrimps, nanohana (rape greens), shiso leaves, kombu seaweed, spicy tarako fish eggs.

I made a leek tamago-yaki rolled omelet and bought bonito “tataki” (broiled around, raw inside).

Making the maki-zushi. Rice cooked with kombu seaweed. Black sesame sushi rice. Many items in the roll…

Eat one without cutting it, while facing the good direction.

This year it’s North North East.
Eaten ! Let’s have a year of happiness… More about Setsubun in next posts :

Setsubun grilled fish

Spaghetti al salmon tataki and mizuna

A good one-plate dinner, with few ingredients, but really delicious.
Spaghetti al dente, briefly sauteed in oil, garlic, a fragrant exotic chili pepper…

Aji limo

… then add mizuna leaves.

I prepared the salmon (of sashimi quality) with the same technique of aburi sushi.

How to “aburi sushi”

Cut and served.

As you see, the fish is raw inside, and roast outside. It’ tataki, the Japanese style roasting, used for fish or meat.

On the table, flavoring is yuzu and freshly ground pepper mix.

Cal 586.5 F21.0g C55.2g P43.6g

Galettes de sarrasin versatiles

Quick and delicious egg and buckwheat crepes. They go well with all style of food.

With katsuo tataki “a roast of bonito”, topped with fresh garlic, ginger, soy sauce and shichimi 7 spice mix.

With steamed cabbage.

With tomato sauce, herbes de Provence and cheese.

With blue cheese.

As a dessert, so brown as they caramelised in a mix of butter and yellow cane sugar.

Cal 661.5 F25.6g C56.3g P59.0g

la Chandeleur, le jour des crepes (Crepes’ Day)