Matcha pasta on a flower bed


There is green tea in my pasta and my plate looks like a garden today. Happy !


Add 1 tbs of matcha (green tea powder) to 1 cup of flour or semolina, mix well and make pasta as usual.
I like them thick and thin, that depends on days. This time, the mood was for thick tagliatelle.


I used what was in the fridge : like leafy mini daikon (leaves had been eaten, I wonder by who…), red cabbage and carrot. A dry chili. New onion. Stir-fry in olive oil. Season with sea salt and freshly ground pepper.


Add in the cooked pasta. Yes, there were 2 volumes of veggies for one of pasta. That’s the perfect ratio.


Serve with 2 sides, well 2 desserts…


A season citrus. It’s a sort of pomelo. It’s very sweet and flavored, not bitter at all.
子夏 (konatsu) or 日向夏 (hyuganatsu). The first name means “little Summer”.


Homemade soy yogurt.



Matcha arare (green tea sweet crackers)

抹茶あられ They are the sweet version of these :

DIY arare crackers

I fried them the same way. And I rolled them in a mix of matcha (green tea powder) and sugar :

Enjoy with a cup of hot green tea !

Kabocha mousse et matcha au lait

A cute mini-meal, totally in this season’s mood.

A mousse made of mashed boil kabocha, pumpkin spices, a little sugar (optional), (veg) whipped cream and cream cheese. The stalk is made of cream cheese, passed in green powder and sugar.

The matcha au lait is a big hit in Japanese fast-food coffes. Matcha green tea powder and foamed milk.

Grapefruit and matcha green tea muesli

A very fruity raw muesli with 2 touches of bitterness : matcha green tea and ruby grapefruit.

Grated apple and oats, mixed a few hours before. Yes, there is more fruit that grain. These apples are now plenty and delicious, let’s splurge !

Then I’ve added sweetened matcha green tea. Matcha is the powdered tea for ceremony. The cheapest sweet version is perfect for desserts or like here.

Added grapefruit.

A few spoonfuls of yogurt.

That was a refreshing delicious brunch.