Okinawa rice cake, from the blog Nippon Nin

I made this recipe from the blog Nippon Nin. Thanks for this rare recipe.

It’s made with Okinawan kurozato (black sugar) of course, and mochiko rice flour, azuki beans, coconut milk.
Mine is much less sweet as I used unsweeted azuki paste (I had just boiled a big bag). I also put coconut flakes on top.

Inside it’s soft. I thought that was not cooked enough. No, that must be close to the normal texture.
Hot that was not great, I was disappointed. But I was supposed to wait till it cooled.
Once chilled it’s pleasant and refreshing.

Well the shape… ahem. It runs away like old camembert. That makes a nice Summer snack. To serve with iced tea. Jasmine tea, if you want to be in Okinawan mood.