Cilantro marinated cucumber, served 2 ways


Two version for a fresh veggie side. Lunch and dinner.


There were leftovers to use or lose. I’ve mixed these 3 and added a little Jalapeno Tabasco sauce. Let marinate in the fridge for the next day.


That’s fresh, hot and flavorful.


At lunch, I’ve added cherry tomatoes and…


…chips made with a broken tortilla, that I’ve toasted in a frying pan.


At night : added natto fermented soy beans and tenkasu (crumbs of tempura)



Disappearing champuru

So many items and you no longer see the main dish… It’s really a big Okinawan champuru (see here) under that.

It’s tofu and egg scramble. I flavored it with some bits of salmon skin that I stir-fried, ginger and negi leeks, sea salt.

But you no longer see that base on the plate. Stirred in red cabbage, kabocha, goya, negi…

And lots of Romaine around around it.

That’s not finished : I added ten kasu (tempura crumbs) and chili powder.

A good lunch full of veggie and crunchiness…

Les okonomiyakis gourmands (compilation)

Okonomiyaki is the famous thick Japanese hot-plate crepe, filled with cabbage.

L’okonomiyaki est la celebre specialite japonaise, crepe epaisse au chou, cuite sur une grande plancha.

What you really need :
All purpose flour.
Dry fish powder or flakes.
Soy sauce.
Green cabbage, shredded.

So it’s easy to make yours anywhere in the world and use any local ingredient to complete.

Il ne vous faut vraiment que quelques ingredients pour vous lancer, donc n’hesitez pas, si vous avez :
-de la farine
-du poisson seche en copeaux ou en poudre
-de la sauce soja
-du chou vert, hache
-de l’huile


Basic batter (for 2) :
1 cup flour
2 cups water
1 tbs dry fish powder
salt, or soy sauce
+ (optional, but recommended for texture) 1/2 cup of grated yama-imo potato (or a grated potato)

Mix it all in the blender, or whisk in a bowl.

Pate de base (pour 2)
1 grande tasse de farine
2 tasses d’eau
1 cuillere a soupe de poudre de poisson seche
sel ou sauce soja
Optionnel, mais recommande pour la texture : 1/2 tasse de patate yama-imo rapee, ou a defaut une pomme de terre rapee.

Tout melanger, au mixer ou dans un bol.

(grated imo + fish powder)

Gu :
Shredded green cabbage (2 cups per okonomiyaki)
+ (at least one) raw bacon, shrimps, calamari, dices of tofu, any seafood, meat, raw oysters, mushrooms…
+ (optional) a small amount of other minced/grated raw veggies.
+ (optional) sakura ebi dry shrimps, crumbs of tempura, salty shrimps…

Gu :
Chou hache (2 grandes tasses par okonomiyaki)
+ (au moins un) du lard cru, des crevettes, des calamars, du tofu coupe en cubes, des huitres, tous fruits de mers, de la viande, des champignons…
+(optionnel) un peu de legumes eminces ou rapes
+(optionnel) des crevettes sechees sakura ebi, des miettes de tempura, des crevettes salees…

Cooking :
-heat and with a brush or a kitchen paper, oil a hot-plate, a plancha or a non-stick frying-pan.
-(optional but recommended) Pour 1 mm of batter to form a crepe.
-in a salad bowl, combine 1 cup of batter, 1 egg (optional), 2 cups of “gu”. Pour on the plate. Form a 3 cm (1 inch) thick round crepe.
-cook 7~10 minutes. Flip back. (In a pan :take the crepe on a plate, re-oil your pan, put it back… On a plate, push on side, re-oil, use 2 to turn it).
-cook 5~7 minutes
-paint with sauce, add toppings

-Chauffer et huile a la brosse ou avec un essuie-tout, un teppan (grande plancha electrique/a gaz), une plancha ou une poele qui ne colle pas.
-(Optionnel mais recommande) : verser 1 mm de pate pour former une crepe ronde.
-Melanger dans un saladier, une bonne tasse de pate, un oeuf (optionnel), puis les ingredients de “gu”
-Verser le contenu du saladier sur la plaque, former une crepe de 3 cm d’epaisseur.
-Cuire 7~10 minutes. Retourner. Cuire encore 5 a 7 minutes.
-Badigeonner de la sauce et des garnitures que vous choisissez.

Okonomiyaki sauces (most common) :
sosu : Worcester sauce (you can heat it with a little corn starch to thicken, and add a little honey)
shoyu : soy sauce (you can heat it with a little corn starch to thicken, and add a little honey)

Les sauces pour okonomiyaki (les plus courantes) :
sosu : Sauce Worcester (vous pouvez la faire chauffer un petit peu avec de la maizena et ajouter un peu de miel)
shoyu : sauce soja (vous pouvez la faire chauffer un petit peu avec de la maizena et ajouter un peu de miel)

Toppings (all are options)
nori seaweed (sheets cuts in ribbons), aonori (flakes of seaweed), dry fish powder, dry fish flakes…
mayonnaise, ketchup…
negi green leek, pickled ginger (shredded)…
shichimi 7 spice mix…

algue nori (feuilles decoupees en rubans), aonori (algue en paillettes), poudre ou copeaux de poisson seche…
mayonnaise, ketchup…
poireau vert “negi”, gingembre vinaigre (hache)…
melande d’epices shichimi…


In Osaka, a popular variation is negi yaki (same recipe but negi green leeks replace the cabbage) :
Negi-yaki… Home-style green okonomiyaki (with a photo recipe)

DSC06239-001 pork and oyster okonomiyaki

Special oyster and spring cabbage okonomiyaki

Buta okonomiyaki – Simple pork Osakan pancake

Angulas okonomiyaki, free style

Nira chijimi (un-)like Osaka street stalls

Hungry girl okonomiyaki

Negi-yaki with black and white mushrooms

Okonomiyaki, just egg