Okomeyaki, brown rice okonomiyaki


Mid-way between yaki-onigiri and okonomiyaki, a tasty and healthy lunch. That’s really interesting to enjoy together the crusty flavor of grilled rice and the cabbage soft feel of okonomiyaki.


A triple base : cooked brown rice (leftovers), dry mushrooms and cabbage.


For the batter : 1/3 cup of cooked rice, 1/2 rice flour, the soaking water of mushrooms, salt. In the blender 1 minute.
For the filling : cabbage, ninnniku no me (garlic stalks), minced fresh ginger, 2/3 cup of cooked rice.
Mix, cook one side in an oiled pan.


Flip, add sesame oil, flip again…


With sauce (here Bulldog Worcester style sauce). Then aonori seaweed flakes and chili flakes :



Teppanyaki teishoku, plancha menu

Teppanyaki, grilled on the hot plate, the plancha. That’s a simple way to cook meat. Today I had thinly sliced beef liver.

Teishoku, the menu, the set.

I just grilled the liver together with slices of dry garlic that neutralize its smell.

The final touch : fragrant sesame oil in the plate, ready to receive the meat.

Three quick sides : miso soup with tofu and wakame seaweed, kimchi and rice.

The rice is a mix of genmai (brown rice), red rice and mochi awa (mil).

The meal with 2 servings of rice :
Cal 716.3 F22.1g C92.1g P52.9g

The liver coated by sesame oil… yuuuuuuummmy !

September teppan

End of Summer food. Mushrooms, corn cob…
It’s no longer so hot. We have a typhoon, that’s a semi-decent air-conditioning system that does not deal with humidity. So I took out my teppan (steel hot plate). Mine is in cast iron, I hear it on the induction stove :

Beef liver.

Matsutake mushrooms. It’s easy : slice and grill. Season as you wish with sudachi lemon and salt.

I’ve grilled the corn in its original natural packaging, under the grill.

Champignon de luxe

Matsutake mushrooms. That’s the king of Japanese mushroom. One of the few really strongly flavored.

With pine branches*.Matsu is the Japanese pine. The mushroom comes from the forest. It’s rare. Very expensive.
Imports from China (like here) or South Korea are cheaper. From North Korea… well, they don’t deliver, but I was told they made you a real bargain price.
But really, the nice and huge Japanese wild matsutake reach high prices.

*these branches are NOT matsu pine at all. LOL. Any green branch does the trick as decoration.

As the 2 have the same season, come from the same woods and tastes go well together, the matsutake are sold with sudachi lemons.

How to eat them ? There are so many possibilities.

A classic : teppan-yaki, grilled on hot-plate. They are served with sudachi lemons, of course.

When you have great ingredients, simpler is better. Well, for the broken bits and the stalks, you can make a little more elaborate cooking :

Matsutake kayaku gohan

Matsutake ponzu sauce.

for moffle

for mizunasu aubergine

Soba meshi : street stall rice’n noodles made healthy

Soba meshi, it’s noodle rice. You can eat that delicacy on street stalls around here. They make it on the teppan, the Japanese hot plate.
That sounds like a weird carb orgy. Actually that’s not bad if you do it with lots of good ingredients. And anyway, that tastes good !

It’s green no ?

As you can see, it’s brown rice. Noodles of course. There is also calamari, onion, carrot, cabbage. It’s a stir-fry.
The sauce is simply low-sodium soy sauce. Not on the photo, I added garlic, chili pepper, nira (garlic chives). And raw ginger as topping.