Ryori, a Japanese classic menu… (compilation by cooking techniques)

Quick list of Japanese “classics” to help you navigate on this site. That’s not complete at all. I tried to make it representative. I often make them with a twist, but I tell you in the post.

Short memo about the Japanese meal

-all dishes are brought at the same time, ideally served in individual dishes, one plate per item.
-there is rice + soup + three items. Or more.

The items, called okazu tend to be side-dish sized. On the menu in restaurants, traditional style was to present the okazu by cooking technique.


GOHAN, rice
rice cuisine list ***** sushi list

and ONE :

A soup to drink !

DASHI (basic stock tutorial)
vegan dashi tuto
misoshiru (miso soup, in many posts)
shijimi miso soup
clear soup
O-zoni New Year soup
sake kasu Winter white soup

And THREE, FOUR, FIVE… many :


お造り o-tsukuri
Normally, that’s a term for seafood sashimi, raw seafood. I don’t *cook* it of course.

scallop sashimi
calamari sashimi noodles
hamo no aburi (flamed sashimi)
hiya yakko (chilled tofu cubes)
konnyaku faux-sashimi

Cold dish with sauce.

shira-ae veggies
goma-ae kogomi (sesame fiddle heads)
snappy beans and shrimps in kimizu-ae (yolk sauce)

蒸し物, mushimono
egg tofu
dobin mushi (steamed soup)
okowa kabocha (steamed pumpkin with rice)
steamed scallop

御浸し, o-hitashi
mustard green o-hitashi
green leaf maki
reishabu (poached meat)

揚げ物 agemono
Fried dishes.

tempura (tutorial)
kakiage (mixed tempura)
karaage fish
agedofu, fried tofu DIY
kaki-furai (fried oysters)

焼き物, yakimono
Grilled dishes.

shioyaki (salt grilled fish)
kabayaki conger eel
yakiniku, beef BBQ
yakitori (chicken skewers)
teriyaki chicken(the “real” thing, recipe)
teriyaki fish
miso yaki chicken
miso yaki fish
dengaku (skewers)

Grilled on the hot plate.
Beef liver teppanyaki
okonomiyaki (compilation)
ika-yaki (calamari)

煮物, nimono

pumpkin kabocha no nitsuke
kakuni (pork)
beef shigure
buri daikon (fish and radish)

炒め物 itamemono

champuru (Okinawan scramble)

漬物, tsukemono
wasabi leaf tsukemono
daikon radish leave tsukemono
dashi’t, Obanazawa pickle
pink lotus root tsukemono

酢の物, sunomono
Quick vinegar pickles. Salads with lots of vinegar.

potato sarada
daikon ume sarada
kabocha sarada

Buri teriyaki, lacquered fish

Buri (yellowtail, Japanese amberjack) is a common fish here. I cooked it teriyaki , which means sunshine-cooked. The bottle sauce you may know is an homonym.

recipe of Japanese teriyaki

With baked kabocha pumpkin and radish sprouts.

Brown rice, with sansho peppercorns, the Japanese Sichuan pepper. It’s lemony taste is perfect with fish.

And a miso soup garnished with daikon radish, daikon greens and wakame seaweed. All that makes a light meal :
Cal 452 F18.7g C49.5g P26.9g

Soft and white inside. Delicious.

same recipe in daylight photos (click on text)

Teriyaki buri, iodine and hopes

Teriyaki buri (yellowtail).

And 3 sides full of seaweeds.
Even if I am not affected personally -nothing happened in Osaka, I can’t feel unconcerned by the nightmare Japan is trapped in now. So many victims up there, and this scary nuclear accident.
I feel a bit guilty as many in the country are not eating a hot meal. Either they had to leave their houses for shelters, or they have no gas and electricity. I really hope things get better soon.

After seeing the news, I just wanted to munch a few moffle (mochi waffles). With nori.

I prepared the fish like I do teriyaki chicken (not to be confused with anything cooked in the “teriyaki sauce” popular in the US).
recipe of teriyaki chicken

The caramelised fish is so tempting… even when you were not in a mood to eat.

The leaves are crystalline ice plant.

3 sides. 3 seaweed sides full of iodine.
Well, I’m about 700 km away from the plants, surely in the zone where it would help to take iodine tablets. It’s psychological.

Rice with yaki nori (roasted sheets of nori), sunomono (vinegar dish, with wakame and the dry fish that served to make the dashi broth), soup (the dashi broth, wakame, daikon, soy sauce).