Okra green curry


For hot weather, a dish from a hot country : Thai green curry. I’ve loaded it with okras, the hydrating greens that help fight the heat.


Today’s basket is very juicy : okra, green sweet chili peppers, tomatoes, enoki mushrooms


First : carrots, onion, coriander roots, lemon grass, sansho peppercorns…
Then : Thai green curry paste, coconut milk, chicken legs…
Finally : the veggies, a few laurel leaves, and at the end, bits of peeled lemon…


That gives a big volume !


And steamed potatoes. Yes, that should be rice, but I wanted tatoes for their potassium… and well, I wanted to eat them with whatever.



Green fish curry and greenhouse mikan

A very quickly prepared green meal round an arrange Thai green curry and the season’s megastar fruit.

I use commercial curry paste, I’ve added coconut cream, nam pla, brown sugar, bay leaves, cardamom and what is listed.

Sides, a few edamame and green mikan mandarin oranges.

A quick bread with fennel seeds.

Green mikan, more precisely greenhouse mikan. The Japanese mandarin oranges, the mikan are riped in Winter. These are grown in greenhouses so they can be ready from the end of Summer. They are not too young. But they are more acidic. It’s very refreshing.

Another great meal in my stomach…

Renkon-burgers, anti fast-food.

Healthy vegan burger that taste hundred times better than the standard take-out.

It’s common in Japanese cuisine to make savory bits by sticking 2 slices of renkon (lotus root) around a small patty. This time, I made my “meat” with boiled azuki beans.

I roughly mashed them with a fork. Added some Thai red curry paste, ground sesame and a little potato starch for the binding. 2 minutes in the micro-wave. I formed the buns with slices of boiled lotus root. They can be stocked a few days in the fridge.

I ate a few like that :

I’ve reheated a few in a frying pan with other items. And these on the photo have been reheated 4 minutes in the oven-toaster :

Served with shiso leaves and a sliced tomato.

That’s really the best. After one day in the fridge, the flavors were better combined. The contrast of the hot patties and the raw veggies is very pleasant. Dietetic bonus : the C-vitamin of the plants makes the iron from the beans more efficient in your body. Well it’s addictive, I made a ton and they are all gone…

For Golden Week, a golden kare-udon, and why onions are abundant in Japan

Golden Week is starting. Yeah, holidays ! Well most of Japan has the week off. Leisure places are full everywhere. It’s gold for tourist and transportation industry that double, triple, quadruple the prices as they know customers cannot change of dates.
Well, enjoy the holiday !
I’m not going anywhere so I can quietly enjoy a golden fusion dish.

A young onion from Awaji-shima, a nearby island. They are very sweet. They cannot be kept long.
So, do you want to know why Japan produces lots of onions ? Surely the vegetable is appreciated. The other reason is it perfect culture to alternate with rice. To replenish the soil, they grow other plants, and mostly onions in the paddies between rice plantings.

My curry is golden thanks to turmeric based Thai yellow curry paste. It tastes very different from kare (Japanese curry).
To balance the astringency of this paste, I added soft and sweet ingredients.

These onions, abura-age (fried tofu), cashew nuts, celery stalks… and a little cane sugar.

The thick udon fitted in perfectly.

A convenient side dish. Konnyaku is a flavorless ingredient that adds texture and grasp the aromas of a sauce. I cut a block and simmered it in the curry sauce with the rest. I also reheated the leaves of celery and added them together to the dish.