Fish in salad


A fresh one dish meal.


A leftover of saba (macquerel) in the freezer. I’ve steamed and let cool, then took out the bones but I let the skin.


Boiled potatoes, parsley, carrot, red onion.


Fragrant herb.


Mix, add wine vinegar, oil, a little water, salt, pepper. Mix. Let overnight.


Serve with thyme. Mmmmm….


Mehari sushi, thyme veggies…


My beloved mehari-zushi (pickled leaf sushi) are back…


With them, some thyme flavored veggies. I baked 2 small eggplants, then cut them. Added shishito green peppers. New onion. Olive oil. Salt. And fresh thyme. All that reheated together. Mmmm…


Today’s salad : Red cabbage, natto, spices and lemon juice.


Take a leaf of pickled takana (Japanese mustard leaves). Fill it with freshly cooked rice. That’s it.
I have hatsuga mai (polished germinated rice).
DSC01374-001takana-zuke pickles DIY


Nice green balls. I didn’t fill them with anything. I like simple food.



Wine cranberry sauce on fougasse

Chance created me this wonderful recipe. This pink creaminess was out of this world…
Whole wheat fougasse/pizza dough (left-over), covered by cream cheese + yogurt (left-over), and what topping… oh, I had that leftover of red sauce (for duck) in the freezer, since 1932 at least : Wine, shallot, butter and cranberry sauce.

And I completed with more toppings : raisins, goji berries, walnuts. A little parmesan cheese. A drizzle of olive oil.

Baked !

It’s thin, crispy and mellow. And the taste is really deep, rich, refined.

The rest of dough, with more thyme, rosemary and bits of garlic inside, painted with olive oil. That gave a delicately fragrant roll.

Soupe du jour : Cauli-carrot

You got it : cauliflower and carrots. A minimalist soup.
I had some chicken stock so I threw in the stalks and defreshed bits of cauliflower.

Then salt, thyme and argan oil. The herb and the oil bring brisk flavors, the stock makes it smooth and velvety.


Kabocha risotto and its escort

Kabocha pumpkin risotto… that cheated.

Hot gésiers confits (chicken gizzards) salad. The 2 dishes are linked.

So I made a false risotto. With Faux rice ?
No, it’s rice. Don’t let the pinkish color fool you. Genmai (brown rice), with akamai (red rice) and a few other grains that were in the bottom of my box.

What is cheating is cooking the rice separately and added the creamy sauce on it. It’s real food, but not a bona fide risotto.

Added paste kabocha pumpkin, shredded cheese, olive oil garlic (that simmered with the gizzard), after the rice was cooked. Aged Parmesan on top.
That was creamy, kabocha, deep in taste, warm… delicious.

Chicken gizzards.

Super tender… because longly simmered in olive oil with whole heads of garlic and thyme. I reheated a few. Served on salad.

With dill and balsamico dressing.

(double serving of risotto)
Cal 611 F19.3g C89.2g P38.4g

Days of yudofu (+ a quick pasta)

It’s getting chilly. It’s time to “boil” the tofu.
Well, you need tasty tofu, hand-made style :

Then a broth, very hot to bath it :

It’s simply the boiling water of my pasta, transfered to that bowl, just too keep the tofu hot. You don’t cook it. It’s already cooked. You need sauces or toppings :

The quick option, soy sauce, sesame oil, shichimi 7 spice mix and grated ginger.

I also had pasta. They are bathing in a purple broth (I prepared azuki beans), topped with spinach leaves, then tomato paste.

Thyme for flavor.

That will steam together. Then I added cheese (melty no name, and a little real parmesan).

Dry yellow tofu. Chick pea bread.

Do you remember the Burmese / Shan yellow tofu I made a while ago ?
Making Shan Tofu with modern kitchen equipment
I had some (uncooked) paste left and frozen. When I defrost, the bag leaked so I got dryer grounds. I cooked in micro-wave (added salt and nutmeg) and obtained that sort of “cake”.
I liked the “wet simmered” one a lot, but this one is sooo great ! I have eaten up 2 servings.

Plus shiitake mushrooms, chili peppers and shishito peppers, tomato sauce (with garlic, olive oil and fresh thyme).

(with 2 eggs and 2 servings of yellow tofu)
Cal 656.5 F21.3g C95.3g P40.2g

And you feel “filled” for a while.

Classic yellow tofu :

Shan tofu with ra-yu sauce

Fried Yellow Tofu (Burma dinner)