Bayonesa angel hair pie, with yuzu.

When it’s good…

… you repeat the recipe. I made the bayonesa recently. Here already a new variation.

Let’s sacrifice one more togan (wax squash).

…and a green yuzu

Green yuzu flavored cabello de ángel (angels’ hair jam).

Yes, you’ve seen that decoration before…

Mmmm… I’ll make some again… and again.

Bayonesa, angels’ hair and almond fragrance…

After the fish empanada, here is a sweet one.
This one is popular in Catalonia and from there ? It’s called a bayonesa. So that could be from Bayonne in French Basque region. It doesn’t seem so.

The particularity is the filling of cabello de ángel, a typical sweet. Normally the dough would be classic butter feuilletage pastry, but I’ve used an almond oil base dough instead. It’s too hot for working butter.

Angels hair jam, a Spanish sweet. Maybe you can buy it ready, I don’t find it here. Go to a past post (click here) to see how I make it with Japan’s ingredients.

I filled the dough with the jam, decorated, painted with olive oil, sprinkled sugar, added almonds…

My dough is a mix of bread dough and pastry. The result is a slightly flaky crust.

Almond dough :
Mix 1 cup of cake flour with 1/4 ts of powdered instant yeast, wet with water at about 60 degrees C. (mix 1/3 boiling water, 2/3 tap water).
After 15 minutes kneed 5 minutes.
After 25 minutes, take a ping-pong ball, spread finely, paint with sweet almond oil, roll thinly. Do the rest.
Join the rolls in a rectangle, flatten them, fold in 3, flatten.
After 15 minutes, cut in 2. Fold in 3 each square, spread not too finely. Make the pie.

More sugar, marasquino cherries (soaked with a little bitter almond essence), raisins. That looks like some Spanish celebration cake and surely not for this season. I wanted it pretty.

If you don’t eat it whole… No, be reasonable : share. Well, cut stripes in the width so each serving has some deco.

Nachos, veg’ melt dip and some coconut.

Let’s have a few hot nachos as appetizers…

… and a big meal, very fusion, totally vegan, centered on this coco-nutty veggies.

The nachos… I’ve toasted a tortilla and cut. Roughly. It’s wheat, no oil, so are they still nachos ? Anyway they were very crispy and tasty.

The melt dip is silky tofu, salt, (alimentary) beer yeast, turmeric, paprika, blended, reheated. With chili powder.

The main dish. Romaine salad in coconut milk stir-fry. With azuki red beans, broad beans, daikon radish, onion garlic. Spiced with salt, cumin, chili and black pepper. Mmm…

Home-made wheat wrap.

Left-over of wax squash and carrot in soy sauce.

Dessert : cabello de ángel (click here) with a marasquino.

Holy squash ! A sweet divine like angels’ hair…

A pretty dessert, so sweet, light as it could fly around. Le petit Jésus en culotte de velours (baby Jesus in velvet pants, meaning de-li-cious). Or the hair of little angels.
So you have recognized cabello de ángel (aka dulce de calabaza, or dulce de cidra, or dulce de calabaza, or confiture de cheveux d’anges…) ?

That’s it ?
NO, I made a “fake”. Well, not a big cheating. That should be this squash :

courge cheveux d'ange source wiki

I had not.

I’ve used this Winter melon (see here). So it does not have the hair shape. But it is used to candied in China too, as it has the same texture as the squash they use in Spain.

Well, I’ve grated it, them steamed it till half-cooked.

Simmered in a blond syrup with a stick of cinnamon till it’s like that :

Let cool. The next day it’s delicious. I had not added much sugar, so it’s more like a compote than a jam. No worries about preservation as unless you make a batch of about 100 kg, you’ll eat it all within a few days…

To-gan, Summer Winter squash

This big green object is a togan, tougan, 冬瓜 literally Winter melon, but the season started a while ago and lasts till Winter. It’s very popular in Hong-Kong to carve one and serve a soup in it.
It’s good for the hot days as it’s very watery, so it’s hydrating. To resist the heat, it is advised to avoid drinking and to eat your water instead, precisely with watery food. 

I cut the flesh. Put in a bowl with water and cook in the microwave. Easy. The taste is… What taste ? There is not much.

I’ve added a few bits of kabocha pumpkin, grated ginger and soy sauce. Let cool. And you have a refreshing Summer veggie.

With stir-fried pasta.

Enoki mushrooms, steamed, cooled, with Chinese black vinegar, miso and negi.

Salted hokke, grilled.

Well another good meal !