Greens for the heat


We are having a dry or a late rainy season. It’s getting hot. We have to get used to it. Adapting the menu is very important.


This natto is from a village called Tamba, famous for its soy bean. It’s a little more hand-made than the ordinary one.


I’ve added negi leeks, nira garlic chives and green sansho peppercorns that are now in season, with dashi broth and a little soy sauce, mixed and let a few hours.


Very large long beans. I’ve just cut them in 2 and blanched.


Blanched ninniku no me (garlic stalks) and boiled tokk (Korean mochi rice cakes)


The beans, stalks and tokk reheated in tomato sauce with lots of cut fresh oregano.


To add a little sourness : tarragon pickles (made here).


Not your usual vodka sauce pasta (veg’, fun and GF revamping)


Well, I was thinking about finishing old bottles I’ve add since forever in a closet and I thought that was vodka in the dark corner there, so the plan was to do that famous creamy vodka sauce. But, that was tequila. So why not ? I had tokk, the Korean rice cake-pasta-mochi and coconut cream. At the end there is nothing left of the original recipe, but miraculously I got that luscious sauce effect… Finger-licking good !


That starts with flavors of three fresh herbs in a tomato sauce with onion, garlic and olive oil. Plus a cup of vo.. er, tequila.


Then pas… er, Korean tokk are added. Then, when they become soft coconut cream.


The tok’ in sauce.


A crown of steamed romanesco.



Royal court tokpokki



Gungjung tteokbokki (궁중 떡볶이) were the tokpokki prepared for the Korean royal courts. They were served long before hot chili reached Korean peninsula, so they are much less spicy than the street stall version.

This is a simple interpretation of the dish using soy sauce and sesame oil as main flavoring and what I had in my pantry.


Nira (garlic chives), carrot, onion and soaked dried shiitake mushrooms.


The tokk (rice cakes) need 8 to 10 minutes boiling, then refreshing under fresh water. Then stir-frying and wetting the sauce with the mushroom soaking water. I only added black pepper.


Decorated with a little yuzu peel.
The balance of flavors is perfect. I think the mushrooms bring a lot, so don’t skip them or replace them with something strong in flavor. Beef is a possibility.


The same yuzu was used to flavor a few blanched green beans. I also added a little fragrant sesame oil and toasted sesame seeds.


Kimchi from this pot (read here) :



Salad. So a dish and 3 sides, I have a lunch !



Koyadofu tteokbokki, cooking Korean street’s sticks of fire.


Today, I’ve made tteokbokki that I call tokkpokki because that’s how I hear it and remember when I have no spell-checker. Yes, that’s hot !


Here are the ingredients :
-the ttoek are Korean mochi or blocks of rice paste. For this dish the cylinder shape is common.
-veggies (carrot, onion, garlic)
-a protein, here tofu (that could be strings of meat, slices of fishcake or boiled egg)


The spicy Korean miso, gochujang. I’ve added paprika powder for more redness, and 2 dried hot chilis for spiciness. That way you can choose the level of hotness you wish.


Koyadofu is freeze-dried tofu. The hard blocks can be re-hydrated in water in a few minutes.


They become like sponges. I had one big block that I cut in slices.


I add the different ingredients, the sauce, water, then the ttoek and let simmer half an hour. Salt, sugar, hot chili can be added to taste.


That’s ready.


Sanchu, Korean salad. That’s not what Koreans do but I like it as a side here.


A glass of makkoli rice drink.


The meal was complete with kimchi, and green jeon pancakes.

For more : Korean Compil’



Cheesy tokkpokki al dente ?

I read the post of Chef Joe on the blog Merveilles de la Nourriture, Spicy Korean Rice Cake (ddukbokki) topped with Cheese . He made cheese baked tokkpokki… but in a Korean sauce. That was surely delicious.

After that, my idea was to serve the Korean tokk like Italian pasta, in a tomato sauce and cheese. So I started with garlic and onion in olive oil, added tomato passata, herbes de Provence… then the tokk. The cheese is grated old parmesan. It’s not baked. The last addition is rucola.

That was not bad… but I regretted that was neither spaghetti nor gochujang sauce. Not a so good idea. That happens.

A few steamed veggies. There were also broccoli.

Dessert is a small serving of creme Mont-Blanc aux marrons, with a chip of chocolate (well, it’s 100% cocoa).

Cal 540 F8.8g C78.9g P15.8g