Agar du jour : mousse de vin

Wine mousse. Simple and refreshing.

Red wine, lakanto sweetener, agar. The block of agar jelly into the blender becomes this cream/foam.

Very refreshing but I need a very small serving. I don’t know why but the heat amplificates the strength of alcohol for me, so at 33 deg Celsius, 1 glass becomes like 3 glasses. Next time, I will give a boil to the wine (it’s raw here).

Fuity red animals

Tomato is a fruit. It is good in desserts. And you see a lot of agar-agar. I eat some (a little) every day, to favor digestion in hot season.

So the other day, I made half of those sweet with cane sugar, cinnamon (a little) and strawberry essence.

The seasoning changes everything.

With blueberries and Japanese cherries, that makes a fun small dessert.

Café au lait, revisited

Yep, that’s not your home breakfast classic. Coffee jelly in milk is a popular fast-food drink in Summer. It’s better home-made.

Agar agar. I prepare the jelly with 2/3 of the recommended water, then mix it 1/3 of very strong coffee. That works better with instant. Actually coffee loses flavor in the process, so it’s not worth wasting your good freshly roast beans, as the result will be similar. You can add a little sugar, vanilla essence or cocoa.

No need to keep it refrigerated, but I did to get it chilled.

Then cut in cube.

Or in smaller bits (grated).

The cow milk is not my cup of milk. Today, it’s coconut milk. I refrigerated a can to make the fat soldify, then I filtered and I took only the lean milk, added water and a little sugar.
Advantage : I have coconut oil to use as a cosmetic. They don’t sell monoï here, so I make mine.

Organza peach

The veil on my peach looks like the precious fabric.

It’s simply kanten jelly, agar agar jelly (with strawberry juice and raspeberry liquor). It’s much crunchier than standard jelly.
Boil the agar 1 minutes or 2 hours… I mean it’s quick if you use the powder (I did) and long if you go to take the seaweeds on the beach. I could do that, but I’m too lazy.

Agar is stlightly diuretic. Sorry to say that in a dessert post, but it’s in the good sense. Eating small amounts of this seaweed in hot season spares you lots of digestive difficulties.

On fresh peach. No added sugar. It’s healthy, refreshing and really delicious.

Tokoroten cherry…

Do you remember the cube of freshness dessert ?

Cubes of refreshment : heart-heaven in black sweetness

Let’s make it. It is easy (adjust proportion according to recommendation on package of your agar powder).
-In a sauce pan, mix 400 ml of water, a pack of agar powder, a ts of honey.
-Bring to a boil. Boil 2 minutes. Add some kirsch cherry liquor. (boil 30 seconds if you want to get out the alcohol strength).
-Place pitted and cut cherries in a dish. Cover with the liquid.
-When it’s cooled, refrigerate.

Cut into the shape you want (or you can…).

With ice-cubes…

…and iced “wheat matcha” (wheat leaves prepared like matcha, it’s a non-cafein alternative, cheaper and full of green vitamin), and kuro mitsu black sugar syrup :

Cool tea time !

Cherry almond latte. Almond milk + juiced fresh cherries + cherry tokoroten.

home-made almond milk

4servings (without sauce nor syrup)
Cal 144 F0.1g C20.9g P0.9g

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