Black bean sesame burgers and waxy squash red SE-Asian soup


Beans patties and a soup with flavors of Thailand in company of its exotic rice.


The patties are a random mix : boiled kuromame (soy black beans), black sesame seeds (pasted), grated garlic and ginger, minced onion, green chili and black miso. A little potato starch to bind. Pan-fried. Glossed with sweet chili sauce. On the place, yellow bell pepper and mitsuba stalks.

Boiled cubes of tougan (waxy squash) and tororo kombu seaweed.


I have added red Thai curry paste and fresh coriander to the broth.


Add Thai jasmine rice. That’s a yummy lunch.


Green fish curry and greenhouse mikan

A very quickly prepared green meal round an arrange Thai green curry and the season’s megastar fruit.

I use commercial curry paste, I’ve added coconut cream, nam pla, brown sugar, bay leaves, cardamom and what is listed.

Sides, a few edamame and green mikan mandarin oranges.

A quick bread with fennel seeds.

Green mikan, more precisely greenhouse mikan. The Japanese mandarin oranges, the mikan are riped in Winter. These are grown in greenhouses so they can be ready from the end of Summer. They are not too young. But they are more acidic. It’s very refreshing.

Another great meal in my stomach…

Cardamom green patties and red wax squash

Another meatless Monday lunch, quickly prepared. The 2 dishes are togan (Winter melon wax squash) in tomato sauce, and these green sweet spice patties.

I’ve released the cardamom seeds from pods (used only 3), and there is a few ajowan seeds too. I pasted the favas (broad beans) with a bit of onion, in the blender. The bamboo shoots cubes give a crunchy edge.

I’ve added black sesame, and a little potato starch as a binder.

Cooked like pancakes.

Soft, crispy and soft-spicy.

Late Summer salad : zucchini, walnuts, raisins.

Steamed tougan (wax squash) and shiruna beet leaves.

With tomato sauce (tomato, olive oil, garlic, chili pepper). Then I’ve grilled a few whole wheat bread croutons.

The meal !

Bayonesa angel hair pie, with yuzu.

When it’s good…

… you repeat the recipe. I made the bayonesa recently. Here already a new variation.

Let’s sacrifice one more togan (wax squash).

…and a green yuzu

Green yuzu flavored cabello de ángel (angels’ hair jam).

Yes, you’ve seen that decoration before…

Mmmm… I’ll make some again… and again.

Bayonesa, angels’ hair and almond fragrance…

After the fish empanada, here is a sweet one.
This one is popular in Catalonia and from there ? It’s called a bayonesa. So that could be from Bayonne in French Basque region. It doesn’t seem so.

The particularity is the filling of cabello de ángel, a typical sweet. Normally the dough would be classic butter feuilletage pastry, but I’ve used an almond oil base dough instead. It’s too hot for working butter.

Angels hair jam, a Spanish sweet. Maybe you can buy it ready, I don’t find it here. Go to a past post (click here) to see how I make it with Japan’s ingredients.

I filled the dough with the jam, decorated, painted with olive oil, sprinkled sugar, added almonds…

My dough is a mix of bread dough and pastry. The result is a slightly flaky crust.

Almond dough :
Mix 1 cup of cake flour with 1/4 ts of powdered instant yeast, wet with water at about 60 degrees C. (mix 1/3 boiling water, 2/3 tap water).
After 15 minutes kneed 5 minutes.
After 25 minutes, take a ping-pong ball, spread finely, paint with sweet almond oil, roll thinly. Do the rest.
Join the rolls in a rectangle, flatten them, fold in 3, flatten.
After 15 minutes, cut in 2. Fold in 3 each square, spread not too finely. Make the pie.

More sugar, marasquino cherries (soaked with a little bitter almond essence), raisins. That looks like some Spanish celebration cake and surely not for this season. I wanted it pretty.

If you don’t eat it whole… No, be reasonable : share. Well, cut stripes in the width so each serving has some deco.