A vanilla scone pause


Take a freshly baked fluffy vanilla scone, break it open…


Add a little butter and raspberry jam… Mmmmmmmmm….

Classic scones with a generous pinch of vanilla powder in the dough.


Yep, the shape is not very regular, but that doesn’t matter.
Scone recipe here.


Brew tea.


It’s my home-blend Thé de Noël (Christmas tea, recipe here).


Ding, ding… tea time !



Tarte au sucre lorraine (grandma’s sugar bread)



La tarte au sucre du dimanche. The sugar pie for Sunday afternoon visitors.
Yes, there are 2 of them in this post. Not the same days. OK, 2 days in a row. You start eating this humble simple sweet brioche, and you never stop…


The grandmas (les Mémés ) and the aunties (les Tantines) would bake it. With little variations. Poked or not. Just butter or a little cream.


Ideal with a cup of coffee. Yes, I have mismatch vessels… That makes the food taste more authentic.



Dolling up, the simplest sweet for Hina doll festival

Hinamatsuri is arriving soon. Japan is full of cute girly treats and retro dolls.
Maybe my little stars belong to another festival, and I have not the best colors of cups, but that doesn’t matter. I’m giving you an easy recipe, then you decorate as you like.

You need boiled azuki beans (or other beans if you want), sugar/honey, powdered agar agar, a little brandy.
For boiling the beans, click here.

Take a cup of beans, put them in a bowl with their broth, add sugar to taste, a tbs of brandy. Heat 30 seconds in micro-wave. Let one hour.
Reheat 1 minute in micro-wave. When it’s very hot, stir in 1 tbs of agar. Reheat 30 seconds. Pour in little cups. Decorate.
Let cool.

Other wagashi tea sweet recipes (click here).

Cassoulet de la mer. Fish and beans.

Diet today ! This is the “fasting day” cassoulet. Oh, I can explain :
Cassoulet du vendredi

The dose of tomato was generous.

After a long while, these white beans get soft…

3 types of fish. Raw cod fish. Slightly salted salmon…

… and shishamo (Hokkaido eperlan) that are also salted and with eggs inside.

The fish and beans layered in the big cassoule (cassoulet pot)

Hot from the oven…

Veggieful crêpe festival…

February 2nd, Chandeleur, French crêpe day. Let’s make them colorful to celebrate the Spring. The weather is really cooperating…

Carrot crêpes.

Spinach crêpes.

With 2 fungi, shimeji and shiitake.

Wrapped !