It’s hooooot ! Take me to the North Pole now ! Well maybe not. A Nordic country like Denmark would do. Let’s travel in the flying kitchen…

I can eat tons of raw veggies. Red cabbage, ribbons of cucumbers, daikon radish.

The Nordic plate : raw fish (tuna), Vollkornbrot with butter, horseradish (“wasabi” from a tube, it’s colored horseradish in most brands, you knew that ?), lemon…

Well, a Japanese touch : konnyaku. Served with lemon and capers.
A great exotic fresh dinner.

Cosy sushi, many ways

Are not visitors disappointed ? A food blog from Osaka with so few sushi… It’s Japan, so we are supposed to eat some at every meal.
That’s not really the case, but we have some. I don’t try to replicate the restaurant style, but anyway what we are proposed here tends to differ from the horr… , I mean, the offer, in the West. There are many regional variations. I try to prepare the original home-made ones…

Definition : vinegared rice, with toppings.

If there is no rice or nor no vinegar (citrus juice/fermented sake), it is not a sushi. Consider using another name. Well, the concept is large enough to play around with shapes and toppings.

Personal opinion : what makes a good sushi, is :

ONE : the rice, quality (Japonica or Arborio, which is a Japonica anyway) and good preparation.
TWO : there should be a way to distinguish a sushi and a hamburger (I mean no ketchup, no cheese, no fries…)

Enjoy the visit…

Osaka sushi
They are the oldest style, before the custom of eating raw fish.

shime-saba and unagi
chakin sushi (egg wrapped)
meharizushi (leaf wrapped)

Edo-mae (“standard”)
Tokyo-style.The classic, famous around the world.

nigiri (hand-shaped)
gunkan-maki (war boats)
hosomaki (thin rolls)

Display sushi, not shaped, served in a wide dish for many guests.

yuzu chirashi (with tuna) yuzu chirashi (with goya)
radish chirashi
natsu chirashi (Summer style)
panda style
rose sushi

Different techniques :

Oshizushi. Pressed in a box, like those of Osaka
inari-zushi (tofu pockets)
Aburi-zushi (flamed)


The big rolls…

hatsuga genmai healthy salmon sushi
ehomaki (horoscope sushi)
rolling a makizushi

Fancy :

mini-cup sushi
chicken chirashi
egg sushi in a verrine


Sakura plate, roots and fish

Soon, the sakura (cherry blossom) will come to greet us… A little meal at their colors.

Potatoes, daikon radish…

…and beet roots for the pink roots.
I had cooked the beets and daikon for the borstch, I just added the steamed potatoes and as you can see herbes de Provence as flavoring, an reheated.

Sakura color fish. It’s olive oil tuna. It’s a can. Yep, it’s an easy one today. And a few capers, like unopened flower buds.

A little habanero hot sauce to jazz it up.
That was really good. Those new potatoes from Hokkaido are very tender and tasty.

Coming soon ? The sakura photos are of last year, same date roughly.

And now the brik is too wide for the egg…

How to get a crispy golden brik, with a perfectly half-cooked egg inside ? The egg is too big, it slips out… patatra.
Call me silly, but I was thinking that whenever I was seeing the news about Tunisia’s riot and the Ben Ali’s sudden relocation. Oh that doesn’t help, but takes nothing from the Tunisians.
For those who don’t know, the brik a l’oeuf (egg brik) is what you eat in Tunisia, in the morning. That’s also what you eat there in the afternoon. And that’s how you enjoy the evenings there… Well I could eat some all day, so it’s possible the street stall was operating 24/24 only for the addicts. I’m sure there are others. Hi ! You know who you are.

Suddenly, I had the illumination in the grocery store. Quail eggs !!! Let’s go !

Tuna in oil.

Fried onions, harissa (I’m only half crazy, it’s half tomato… but it’s half a serving here), parsley…

Brik. Not real brik ? That’s what I get.

Actually, the eggs are so tiny… I squeezed the first one too strong, it jumped directly into the oil. I got a fried egg into the bargain. I could put 2 eggs per brik.
I pan-fried them. That’s not pro, but great for home-made briks.

Edit (that would be obvious) :
To make a brik, take a sheet (oil it if it is a hard type not-the-real-stuff), fill the center with tuna, onion, parsley, sauce and finish by breaking an egg in it. Fold in 2, lay one side on a bath of hot oil. Push with a spatula to close it well. Turn it. Take it out.
No photo as that goes very quickly.



Third. Did I progress ? They were all delicious.

Serve with celery. It’s fresh and crunchy. Perfect to balance the fried hotness.

Dices of sashimi for tsukimi domburi

Dices of mixed sashimi…
Here again, it’s the “second choice” from the fishmonger, the bits are not large enough for perfect sashimi shape. Their taste is as good, they are as fresh. It’s perfect for this dish.

A domburi is a big bowl. Tsukimi is “moon watching”, it’s done now… well a few days ago, that was the nicest moon of the year, particularly if you are Japanese as you only watch it this month, so no chance of a bad comparison. Frankly it was “covered”. LOL. It’s the thematic of food for this season. The egg represents the moon. So there are many tsukimi~~~ dishes with egg.

What do we need ? Rice, an egg (half-hard-boiled), a little sauce (Ikari worcester sauce, thickened with cornstarch, plus nerigoma/tahini).

The spices are shichimi-togarashi (7 spice mix).

Just add a simple miso soup (wakame and fushi noodles). A okra su-no-mono (in apple vinegar and salt).

(1.5 serving of rice)
Cal 555.9 F12.7g C87.8g P36.1g