Spahis ? Kaki sfeeha.


Japanese-Lebanese-Gourmande fusion : Lebanese sfiha (sfeeha, small meat pies) with Japanese kaki, and coconut tzatziki.


Cut thinly lamb meat, season with salt. Cut a little kaki persimmon. Cut onion and kabocha pumpkin in small cubes, garlic thinly, stir-fry with lamb fat. Season with a little salt, cumin, cinnamon, nutgmeg, black pepper. Add the meat and fruit to the onions. Shred a few leaves of mint and some fresh thyme, add them.

Dough : flour, cumin seeds, a little baking powder, a drizzle of olive oil. Mix. Add just enough hot water to form a ball.


Take a ball of dough, spread in a circle, put filling in the middle and pinch the squares to form a basket.


Paint with olive oil and bake.


Garnish with a drizzle of olive oil, chili flakes and mint leaves. Serve hot.


Tzatziki : cucumbers and a little goya (bitter squash), the sauce is made with coconut cream, garlic, mint and thyme.


The perfect pair.



Hey, I ate only salad…

Only salad and I feel like I’ve eaten a lot.

A classic. Tzadziki.

Another classic. Potato sausage salad, with mustard vinaigrette.
The potatoes are a special sort with this saffron color flesh, but they taste like the regular ones.

The star.

Baby corn and edamame.

Scramble egg paprika dressing.

Omelette et trois fines herbes

Omelette baveuse. Ciboule japonaise (negi leeks).

Creamy tomato soup. Sage.

Couscous and tzatziki. Mint.

A quick lunch with 3 herbal flavors.

Tzatziki of cucumbers, garlic, salt, pepper, lemon, yogurt… lots of fresh mint. Let it refresh one hour or more.

Good fresh style omelette like here (click on text):
La baveuse, a French omelette for a gourmande mouth…

Garnished with shiitake mushrooms and negi leeks.

You don’t make simpler than this soup : cooked white beans (from my freezer stock), tomato puree, salt and sage, into the blender. Reheat gently.

Ottoman twilight

Let’s travel to Sardanapale’s palace tonight…

Çerkez tavuğu. Circassian chicken.
The chicken is slowly boiled with coriander stalks. When it is cooled, the flesh is torn apart. In a mortar, garlic and walnuts are pasted. The paste is creamed with stale bread (minus the crust) and chicken broth. Seasoning is simple : salt, pepper and coriander leaves (cilantro). The meat sleeps one night in this sauce.

Final adornment : Chunks of walnut. A twirl of white sesame oil with paprika, simmered together.
This is the “rough” version, but not everybody likes coriander. I adore it.

I made a blunder. I had cut and frozen a stock of coriander on a tray, then transfered into a bag for convenient use. The first time, after taking a little amount, I put the bag back into the freezer… no, into the fridge. It can’t be frozen again. I have a ton of coriander to eat now or never…

The Sultan’s delight !

The yogurt is not far…

Tzatziki with fresh rosemary’s blue flavor and coriander seeds.

Hummous-Foul, chick pea and favas. With fragrant olive oil.

Pop bread, with poppy seeds.
Making flat bread