Deux tourtelettes

It’s a left-over recycling…

When I made this :
petits pâtés lorrains

I had some marinated meat left :

In a small dish, I added grated potato.

In another grated carrot (and potato too).
In both, the rest of egg (I had used some yolk).

Sealed with the cuts of puff pastry dough. Baked with the pates (20 minutes at 180 deg C) and some more time slowly at 150 deg C…

Petits pâtés

This is an adaptation of the recipe of the pâtés lorrains. I have to make them with local ingredients, laziness and limited skills. This is the easy way.

It’s a very old recipe. It seems it was already in the ancient cookbook Le Viandier published in 1392.

The classic ones :
There is a recipe too on this tourism office page.

Day 1 :

For 2 pâtés :
Cut into small cubes 70 g of pork and 70 g of veal (here beef, which is a bigger veal). The meat should have a little fat on it.
Cover with wine, tuck in the mass a laurel leave, a bouquet garni in a bag, 1/2 onion with a small clove, whole pepper seeds.
Cover, refrigerate.

Day 3 – Hour 1

Take away the spices.
Add a shallot finely cut and fresh parsley (here frozen marjoram), salt, a little flour to absorb the excess of liquid.
Prepare 2 kinds of dough (or use some that you buy) :
Under dough : (that should be flour, lard + hot water, salt), I replaced lard by oil and yogurt
The lard dough is more solid and brings a nice “bacon flavor” to the pâtés they sell in shops.
Upper feuilletage : (that should be classic puff pastry, made of butter and flour), I made a quick feuilletage with yogurt and very little butter as… I was finishing the block of butter and I hadn’t checked before. It rained cats and dogs outside. Too bad.

Day 3 – Hour 3

Preheat the oven (220 degree C). Make the pâtés. Paint them with egg yolk. Bake 10 min at 220, then 20 to 30 at 180.

Serve hot ! That can be a first dish when you have guests. Or, with salad, you have a week-day dinner.

This is a little different from those at home, dough is different, veal too.. but that was delicious. A great food for a chilly day !