Stinky cheesy sauce for asparagus and carrot bread

That’s not a sauce for the faint of heart. It’s not cheese, taste is not really cheese, but it’s strength 8 of the Munster scale that has 7 degrees.

about sake kasu

I had some sake kasu that was in the fridge since… a while ago. It doesn’t go bad. Just stronger. Fiercer.

The paprika is mostly for the color. Otherwise it’s a bit too grey.

Just mix, paste, add water.

Serve with green asparagus.

If you have some left, it’s great on carrot bread. It’s a quick bread made of flour + rice bran, backing powder, grated carrot, turmeric, salt, water. Baked in the oven toaster in about 10-15 minutes.
The top photo with cold sauce, the bottom one toasted with the sauce. Both are delicious. If you like strong food…