White waterfall (konnyaku noodles, shirataki)


糸こんにゃく (itokonnyaku) or しらたき(shirataki). They are noddles made of konnyaku. Shirataki means white waterfall as that’s what they look like. And who doesn’t want to eat a fresh mountain torrent in this season ?


Myoga, a veggie related to ginger. Delicious raw.


The noodles are sold in bundles that can unfold or not if you want to cook them in a hot pot. I simply rinsed them in cold water.

That’s a food without calories and it’s popular in the West some diet extremists. I don’t eat konnyaku in order to stuff my face without getting the calories. The food is appreciated in Japan for its texture and the lack of flavor that allows you to match to any flavorful food. A perk is konnyaku fiber favors smooth digestion.
These noddles, served chilled are very refreshing.


The tsuyu (dip sauce : dashi broth + soy sauce + mirin) with grated daikon radish. All the flavor comes from it so the tsuyu has to be coarse. I added green yuzu slices and the myoga.


Natto with mustard.


A small gaspacho.


Bought black gomadofu (black sesame tofu). You can make yours (recipe). This one is sweet. I served as dessert it with a yamamomo berry.



Ringo Hime, the princess apple on a lazy natto day

They call these baby apples hime, fairy tale princess. They make a beautiful pre-christmas table center, don’t they ? The thing is they won’t last. I have to eat them… one, by one.

Lazy no cooking meal, J-style. Wasabi natto on hot genmai brown rice.

Ghost in the mist soup.
The mist is due to this light colored miso (of rice and soy) :

The sheets of the ghost are super-thin wonton skins. They fly among dry shiitake, kombu seaweed, carrot, onion, a vegan broth taking its umami in the soaking water of the shiitake mushroom and the kombu.

Coleslaw with apple. Dressing is cider vinegar, onion and Sichuan pepper only.

(meal with 2 servings of rice, 2 of natto, 1 egg)
Cal 612.5 F17.2g C102.7g P31.2g