Fresh green open sandwich


A fresh plant-based tea sandwich. I’m liking more and more vegetable sandwiches. Like these :

DSC05174-001 carrot sands


It’s a cuke sand’ today… Kyuri, Japanese cucumbers have a thin skin, and thin seeds. Everything is edible.


A thin slice of shokupan (Japanese bread) with the crust cut out. Coconut cream and grainy mustard spread on it. A handful of cress. Sliced cucumbers.


Black pepper and Sichuan pepper freshly ground on top.


Serve very fresh.



The simple small red radishes. I loved them so much when I was a kid. They were so strong, fresh from the garden. I was eating only the root.

Now I eat the greens that used to be given to the rabbits. They are very tasty I think. Better than most salads they sell in plastic pouches.

Cut, slighly steamed, with lemon juice.

For the roots, it’s easy. Just wash. Serve with salt, or salted butter or butter and salt.

With a toast. That makes a nice evening snack tray.