Chilled miso somen soup


A very simply lunch, for a busy hot day.


Boil a bundle of somen noodles. with 1/2 onion. Refresh in cold water. Put in a bowl cover with iced water.


In a second pan, make a dashi stock with kombu seaweed and dry shiitake mushroom. Add veggies (okra, bell pepper, edamame). When they’re cooked, mix in a tbs of miso and refresh with ice-cubes.


Combine the noodles and the soup. I’ve let the shiitake and I’ve cut a few ribbons from the piece of kombu seaweed.
Add toppings :


Ribbons of nori seaweed cut from a sheet. The color is slightly purple as that’s raw nori (often for sushi, it’s grilled). I’ve also added sesame, chili flakes and sticks of peel of kinosu lime (the yellow bits).


Sudachi somen


Somen + Sudachi = Freshness.
Here is another simple Summer meal.


Tsuyu dip with eringi sudachi tsukemono.


Natto with freshly grated wasabi.


Fresh somen

The most refreshing food ever invented ?

A hot Summer Japanese lunch.

Somen :
These thin white wheat vermicelli are cooled and served in iced water.

Somen and tusyu (cool soup).

Toppings : Negi leeks, sesame, pickled ginger.

Cubes of firm tasty momen tofu.

Konnyaku sashimi with a vinegar miso sesame sauce.

Soupe du jour : Cerfeuil (chervil)

A milky bowl of chervil flavor. Another familial success.

Somen noodles (wheat vermicelly), cheese.

Onion and cut chervil infused milk (kept overnight, reheated).

Voila. Miam… er no.

Japanese chervil (grown locally but exotic in concept) is not as fragrant as the European version. It’s cute. They use it mostly to decorate the desserts. So I needed to add much more.

A crouton. Not necessary, but yummy.

So men became new men… gni ?

No, this blog has not changed of monomania. You are at the Osaka nooddlivore circle. It’s about somen and niumen (pronounced ni -oo- men), 2 names for Japanese vermicelli.

In Summer, they were somen, click here to see that post.

In Summer, they are served chilled, even in iced water, as そうめん somen. The same noodles, served in a hot soup are にうめんniumen and the name would be a contraction of “ni(-ru” (cooking) and “soumen”. I’m not sure of that.
Well, niumen often make a simple light supper. They are said to be easy to digest.

Boiled *men*.

Kakinoki-take (persimmon tree mushrooms)

Fresh shrimps, boiled. Add ginger, chili pepper and sudachi lemon to the boiling broth of shrimps and mushrooms. Serve with a bouquet of chervil.